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  1. The Exquisite Lot!!

The Exquisite Lot!!

01st April 2019
The Exquisite Lot!!

Portraying a deep seated and innate caliber to muster the case of the flagships well!!

This being an added natural hefty degree to tune up the well drafted automotive anecdotes which renders you to be the deemed experiential artisan.

Complement the inborn trait with some self built and acquired learnings of the present that answer the host of W’s leading to reserved notions and perceptions.
The next course of action then being?
And seeing all of them standing at an arms distance radiating an elliptical aura.....under one roof as the cause is special, the specialized inventory of Big Boy Toyz would perfectly fulfill the purpose of a wisdom seeking encounter that would be notches above the normal explorative drilling attemptings.

1.Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class

Gleaming of Stuttgart’s glory in form and function, the supreme and up to the minute S is now an epitome of matchless and precise mechanisms upheaving the touchstone backseat engagement.

Mercedes S Class

So one can definitely be rest assured of the over and above ostentatious prototypes that advocate Mercedes Benz’s demonstrable “innovative” philosophy in segregating the paramount luxury feel.

Mercedes Benz’s

2. Bmw 7 Series

Bmw 7 Series

Explicitly marked out to be above the rudimentary proceedings and conventions!
Is it?

Bmw 7 Series

Yes, as the techno whiz kid in discussion emanates a distinguishing Bavarian grandeur that propels a millisecond infatuation spree. So does this indicate a change of ends?

3. Jaguar XJL Ultimate

Jaguar XJL Ultimate

To be crowned as the preeminent thingamabob possessing the glittery uptown beau ideals for the fortifying prestige acts.
Jags are known for that!

Jaguar XJL Ultimate

Meriting an accentuated flurry of good word laudations, the XJL Ultimate extends a magnified invitation to the enunciated British splendor and well being on the move.

Comments (2)

Gulshan Grover

The Big boy toyz has much sports luxurious cars BBT is India's biggest old car dealer recently I have seen BBT cars in Vasant Kunj promenade mall there is much crowd in front of cars I like theres all the BBT cars but I like the one that is BMW I8 really very amazing car I wish I could buy that one.


Akhilesh reddy

Jaguar xjl ultimate was my favorite car..I'll be the happiest kid in the world if u gift me 🤑


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