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  1. The Best Motor Races Around the world

The Best Motor Races Around the world

09th March 2016
The Best Motor Races Around the world

For car enthusiasts everything about a car is as important as the first thing. From engine to upholstery, every single minute to major detail holds extreme importance to them. Such enthusiasts have successfully created a new genre of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for car details. A typical car enthusiast or in a more realistic term a car fanatic can be recognized by few very common features such as monthly issues of car mags, following all official luxury car profiles on social media, stopping in the middle of the road to click the photograph of a luxury car spotted and of course their obsession with SPEED.

Such car enthusiasts or fanatics as earlier established have been basically the reason for the birth of the age old famous motor races of the world and Schumachers of the era. Hence we bring you the list of best motor races around the world:

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix Source:

First race held in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the first Formula 1 circuits in the world. In 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix was, in itself, an event started couple of decades before the Formula 1 even came into existence. This circuit puts the cars and their drives through a series of tests and challenges and is undoubtedly one of the most difficult circuits to race in. A very twisting circuit and also narrow, keeps drivers on their toes the whole time. Chances were if the Monaco Grand Prix was not already on the Formula 1 roster, it would have been dropped, because of the safety concerns. Be that as it may, for drivers, winning a Monaco GP is a huge thing, even if they never won a World Championship.

Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500 Source:

This track is the holy grail of all racing tracks. Popular for its open wheel races, this American circuit has a special place in the heart of automobile racing. Although, this kind of racing has been witnessing a popularity decline in America, the honor and prestige remains intact. Indianapolis 500's track is filled to the brim with inspiring history and the races here are always exhilarating. Drivers across the globe, come together to race for the trophy at the Indy. The circuit, 2.5 miles in length and top speeds reaching 230mph, takes nerves and passion (a lot of it) to compete in. Some drivers have even declined to race on this circuit, because a crash on this circuit is almost never a small affair. But all risks put aside, this is one of the oldest circuits around, since the 1911 and every driver wants to bag a trophy here.

Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Source:

Anyone who is even the least interested in motorsport racing has surely heard of NASCAR racing. It is a stock car race and the Daytona is considered to be its most popular circuit. If any track comes close to the popularity of this circuit, it is the Indianapolis 500. The NASCAR Super Bowl was the first race to ever be broadcasted live on Television in 1979, right from the start to the finish. And what a finish it was! It can safely be said that it was because of this 1979 race at Daytona, NASCAR racing is a multi-million dollar race today. This track has witnessed some racing moments in its 65 years history and of course some tragic ones too. Dale Earnhardt, considered to be one of the best NASCAR drivers, crashed his car in this circuit and did not survive the crash.

Bathurst 1000

Bathurst 1000 Source:

The Bathurst 1000 is home to one of the most prestigious top 3 racing circuits in the world. 3.8 miles in length and built on a mountain, Mount Panorama, this Australian circuit is 874 metres above the sea level. This circuit hosts the wild and crazy V8 Supercar racing every year. It can right away be understood how wild this circuit is, if one of the first turns is known as 'Hell Corner'. This is a circuit every Australian racecar driver dreams of winning sometime in his career.

24 Hours of Nurburgring

24 Hours of Nurburgring Source:

Nurburgring is unarguably one of the most dangerous racing circuits out there. Lethal, even! The extensive 15.5 mile circuit is built in the German hills. Because of the greenery all around and the deadly nature of this track that has claimed several lives; the track has been nicknamed 'Green Hell'. No driver, unless absolutely crazy or a daredevil, takes part in this grueling race, with almost about 200 cars in an event of 24 hours. But nonetheless, this track delivers a race of races, where both Man and his Machine undergo a challenging test.


The Best Motor Races

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