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  1. Lamborghini’s Huracan “The Future’s Instinct”

Lamborghini’s Huracan “The Future’s Instinct”

22nd December 2015
Lamborghini’s Huracan “The Future’s Instinct”

What comes to your mind when you see a bright color two seater on the road, a yellow or an orange roaring out loud in the crowd?


There's something about seeing a Lamborghini on the road it derives a different response than any other supercar. Following on the same footsteps or I should rather say the "Tiretracks" the new Lamborghini should have the same effect that its predecessors' had. They call it "The instinct of the future".

The Gallardo has grown up and Lamborghini has created a car a car with all the style and noise that its customers want. This one has even big shoes to fill with the jaw-dropping design and the brutish performance. Whether you are crawling down the streets or hustling down the road or posting lap time down the tracks, this one needs to perform. This extreme looking sports car can hit 60 mph in just over there seconds, and can exceed over 200 mph.

Just like its predecessors the name comes from the world of bullfighting, Huracan was a Spanish breed of bull that fought in the late 19th century. This exotic will be available by the name LP 610-4. Lamborghini's cars are like, "The name speaks out everything". "LP" designation refers to the layout of the engine, the number 610 refers to horsepower, while the "-4" indicates the car is driven by all four wheels.

The heart of this supercar is a 5.2L V8 engine producing 610 horsepower. The interiors of the car are comfortable and give you a high tech feel; the console has a diversity of switches and dials. The ultimate section is 'The red cover' over that start-stop button that gives you a feel of firing a missile rather than starting an engine, and pushing it rewards the driver with a massive roar from the V10 engine as it comes to life.

The Huracan is not a car for introverts. This beast draws a crowd every time it gets driven, and honestly that's part of the fun. Lamborghini have added an exclamation point with bright color choices of orange, green and yellow, thinking as if the car isn't noticeable itself. You don't have to be a professional driver to drive the new Huracan, this road-worthy supercar is enough for everyday use.


Lamborghini Huracan

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Sarit Tomar

Thank god, Ferrucio bought a Ferrari which triggerd a chain of events and brought Lamborghini on the world map. I belive lambos are today the purest form of automobiles left apart from porsches. I mean who would in their right mind choose to still put a 6.5 L V 12 when brands lyk Ferrari and Mclaren are downsizing and adding turbos and electric witchcraft. I belive Pagani would. But then again Horacio worked in Lamborghini earlier and I guess he understands what a true petrolhead desires.


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