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  1. 6 Astons Every Man would LOVE to Drive!

6 Astons Every Man would LOVE to Drive!

29th January 2016
6 Astons Every Man would LOVE to Drive!

When it comes to million dollar rides, Aston has its way with it. With the several number of limited edition cars, the surge it creates during the Geneva Auto Show is felt with its dominance over the approach. Constantly redefining the essence of proper GTs, the lust for these cars has risen with every launch. And when you know your ride is like that of JAMES BOND's; there is no feeling like it! The V12 sound, the long bonnets and the ride, are enough for any man to fall in love with. With the upcoming futuristic designs and technological uplifts, the excitement is sure to rise further. Let's check out the models and what distinguishes them;



The legendary "Super Grand Touring" Machine was penned down by Ian Callum, which joined the fleet with DB7. The immediate response was astounding with showcasing in the 2002 James Bond movie. The revamped version, launched in 2015, has 105 more HORSES enough to reach a 320+ Kmph scale. The initial Vanquish packed in 456PS and 510Nm of power and torque at the launch, but it was way less powered when compared to its competitors. Realizing the issue, Aston Martin launched the Vanquish S, based on the VH platform, which lasted till 2007.


DB9 Source:

As Jeremy Clarkson says, "I'm sorry, but having an Aston Martin DB9 on the drive and not driving it is a bit like having Keira Knightley in your bed and sleeping on the couch."

The successor of the famous DB7, DB9 was extensively engineered to replace the most selling Aston! The VH Platform, launched in 2004, imbibed with Aston DNA pumped new blood in the Frame of Astons, inundated with Aluminium and Carbon Fiber.

The platform also showcased the different innovations in Vehicle Dynamics. The key highlight was the Adaptive Damping System that is still featured as a STANDARD! But the most evocative feature was the design language, evolved by Ian Callum, and the design cues involved in it.

Alike the present DB11, DB9 was the torch bearer for the future Astons featuring magnesium in many components and slashing the conventional Machining processes. The rear wheel drive, the V12, the waterfall console and the accentuated headlights were the key changes. With constant revamping, DB9 GT was the model that rolled before its discontinuation. DB9 has always been the most likeable Aston and DB9 GT being the BEST among all!


VIRAGE Source:

Virage joined the Aston lineup in the V-8 era. Being on the softer side of GT, Virage sold off with the DB7 during the 90s. Soon with the launch of Vanquish and Vantage, it got overshadowed. In 2011, a new AVATAR of Virage was born with a purpose to draw the fine line between DB9 and DBS with a more powerful V12 powertrain and also shares the 2+2 configuration with Rapide.


DBS Source:

Calling it simply an ICONIC CAR won't justify the DBS's hugely successful and glorious journey. Ever since its launch in 1960s, it has gained a celebrity status by claiming spots in two of the James Bond's movies. Initially launched with a straight six, this sexy beast then switched to a V-8 engine followed by the latest being the 510bhp V-12. DBS was engineered to be sportier than DB9, with a greater track width and lower clearance. The final edition of DBS was the Carbon black, a MASTERPIECE some say but was one of the limited edition cars.


RAPIDE Source:

Aston in 2005 released a one-of-a-kind 4-door car. With some rigorous designing, Aston engineers fit the rear doors, and also kept the opening in a typical swan type. With the typical headlights like that of Vanquish, Aston Martin Rapide with a longer wheelbase was one of the costliest in the lineup.

The revamped version of this killer beauty, released in 2010, was packed with 80 more horses and was profoundly called the Rapide S. With this, it entered the 320+ kilometers per hour bandwagon, all thanks to the upgraded transmission system also called the ZF Transmission that has been extremely well tuned.

In 2014, Aston launched the first electric vehicle under the Rapide platform, justifying its cost. Rapide E, the name packed in Lithium Ions all over to deliver the typical Rapide performance figures.



Astons might be very synonymous with V-12 but they thought of making an exception to fit their car in the lower segment accompanying their lesser sportier Virage. Falling in the high speed GT category, according to Aston, and being the highest sold, Vantage is also used by the Aston Racing team at World Championships for its greater adaptability and compactness, thus allowing it to be quicker. V12 also eventually went into its blood in 2007 with the famous "Sportshift" option, the lightened flywheel. To make Vantage sportier, just like Ferrari has got a "SPORTS PACK" for the 458, Aston too features its Vantage with stiffer suspensions, the Dual throttle mapping devices and many more light weighted components. With the tradition, Vantage too got S suffixed in 2011 and a bit more carbon-fiber.

The best looking Vantage though, always remains the convertible one!



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