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  1. Audi TT – Another Milestone in the Success Story

Audi TT – Another Milestone in the Success Story

08th March 2016
Audi TT – Another Milestone in the Success Story

When presented before the world in 1995, the TT design study shook the foundations of the modern sports car design believes. The car stayed true to the concept and took the world by storm when it was launched and appealed to the people who liked aesthetic design and liked their cars to look futuristic. Designed based on the 'Bauhaus' school of design concepts, by a very talented team of people who had an incredible background, the car was a much needed fresh air in the landscape.

Audi TT was praised by many for the design language and the seamless use of aluminum, stainless steel and leather. From inception, aluminum has played a big role on all TTs - the side frames, upper body structure, side frames, doors, hood, hatch, roof – all these and more parts are made of aluminum.

The third generation Audi TT is more of an evolution of the original design, and keeps the same unmistakable silhouette, which is a signature Audi TT. The mean machine is available in two forms – the TT and TTS – while TT has both coupe and convertible options; the TTS is available only as a coupe. In India, we get only the TT coupe, which has 2+2 seating arrangement and combines the style and practicality.


The design of TT is unmistakable and is often hailed as timeless and modern classic. The original TT, if launched today, will not look out of place and the third generation of the TT continues the tradition – the design is eye catching and heartbeat raising today and will remain relevant even years down the lane.

The design employs taut lines to create a design that is powerful and muscular and is vibrant and agile. The car has strong family resemblance and from some angles, looks like a baby Audi R8. The rear is horizontally designed and the headlights and tail lights are angular in nature. The headlights gets the stunning daytime running lights – one of the best implementation in industry, and a large Audi signature grill with a large Audi logo.


Audi TT Interiors Source:

The angular theme is carried inside and the interior looks cozy and oozes sportiness. The design breaks away from the traditional ones where there is a large display sitting on the middle of the dashboard. The dashboard contains a large 12.8-inch high-definition configurable display (virtual cockpit in Audi speak) and three large air vents in the middle and one for the passenger. There is no mechanical gauge anywhere - everything is completely digitalized and is configurable by the driver so that he can decide how and what information is displayed - via the classic round dial type display or ultramodern full screen views.

The display can be switched quickly via the multifunction steering wheel so the driver can switch from one mode to other on the fly, when needed. The screen can be configured to display media, navigation, radio, telephone and vehicle settings and the speedometer and tachometer dials can be shrunk when necessary to make space for other displays.

While all the controls are perfectly driver oriented (there will not be much of a case for the passenger to control a display he can't see, anyway) there is a volume knob which is placed near the passenger seat so that he/she can control the volume easily.

If you want to know how technically complex is the Audi TT, do take a look at the air conditioners. There are three air cons in the center – and all the HVAC controls are done via the vents. The temperature can be adjusted by rotating the knob provided at the middle of the center air vent and to get the automatic mode, you need to push the knob. The fan speed is controlled by the knob on the leftmost vent, while air distribution is controlled by the right side's knob. The knobs on the vents at the extreme ends of the dashboard control the seat heater. This is an incredibly simple way to tidy the whole HAVC controls, but under the skin, it is extremely complex and has more than 20 individual parts on each air vents.

The TT comes with optional S sport seats and the rest of the interior is finished using high quality materials and the workmanship is impeccable. The steering wheel is flat bottomed and controls a plethora of information, the gear lever is sporty and is a pleasure to hold and the MMI knob is placed behind the gear lever.

The multimedia jobs are taken care by the excellent Bang & Olufsen sound system with 12 high performance speakers and a 14 channel amplifier. You can opt for the connectivity package that has Audi Bluetooth interface and seatbelt mounted MMI touch microphones for excellent voice quality.

Under the skin

he TT is powered by 2.0-liter TFSI engine Source:

The third generation TT uses steel for the floor pan, engine cradle and firewall and this helps the TT to shave off some weight. In whole, the car is about 45kgs lighter than the previous model. The TT is powered by 2.0-liter TFSI engine that delivers more power while giving better mileage. The engine develops 227BHP and 370Nm torque, and is mated to a 6-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox, dubbed S-Tronic.

The TT comes with the Quattro all-wheel drive system and the short wheelbase (TT has the shortest wheelbase of any car built till now on VW MQB platform) helps the car to achieve fast direction changes while keeping excellent grip on road.


Audi TT

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