Audi TT – The Head Turner

Jun 28, 2018
Audi TT – The Head Turner

Audi TT is a decade year old model but still manages to make people turn their heads whenever it zooms off past them. The new Audi TT is quite similar to R8, though not in terms of price. While R8 would make you pay in Crores, Audi TT costs only Rs. 63.4Lac.

Talking about its structure, the TT is more chiseled and angular shaped with a large and prominent radiator grille. Its headlight cluster and tinge of black looks appealing. The LED daytime running lights add more to its looks.

It has got a wide windscreen, which further has rain sensing wipers, whereas the door handles are body colored and window sills have black finishing.

Interior Matters

Audi TT Interior Source:

Audi TT's cabin has been designed with high-quality plastic materials and its dual color scheme adds grace to it. The cabin has got a lot of space. It has bench seats that are further covered with premium Alcantara leather upholstery and are as comfortable as cotton.

The dashboard is the real show stealer that reduces the much clutter. The air conditioning vents would cool down the temperature inside the car in few seconds. It has got a large glove box compartment as well for storing things.

There are many more high tech advanced features available in this vehicle. The seats have electrically adjustment function. The power windows will excite you with its one touch functionality.

The music system is advanced and will keep you entertained throughout your journey. You can fold its outside rear view mirrors electrically. Its sunroof is made up of tinted single glazed safety glass and there is an availability of accessory power socket so that you can charge your devices easily.

The Engineering Marvel

The Engineering Marvel Source:

It has got an engine of 2.0-liter that gives a displacement of 1984cc and works in integration with four cylinders and 16 valves. The coupe produces a total mileage of 17Kmpl to 18Kmpl on highways and 10Kmpl to 11Kmpl on city roads, which is quite impressive.

Audi TT is 4198mm long and 1842mm wide. Its total height is 1353mm and the steering wheel has a radius of 10.9 meters.

The Final Word

There is no denying the fact that Audi always keeps its models full of security features. In that way, the passenger and the vehicle, both would remain safe at the time of collision.

Audi TT is equipped with various safety features. Some of them are – availability of first aid kit, full-size airbags, warning and control lights that are for engine electrics, closed luggage compartment, handbrake-on and few more. It has got anti-lock braking system and anti slips regulation too.

The coupe has got a classy set of 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels that got the dressing of tubeless tires that provide an excellent grip.

Few points where Audi TT lacks are – firstly, there are not many authorized service stations available for this car. Secondly, headspace could have been increased. Thirdly, the price is not very reliable.

The competition in the luxury car segment is cut-throat and only the time will tell how well the one perform over the others!

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