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  1. Money Doesn't Buy Happiness but I’d rather Cry in My Ferrari

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness but I’d rather Cry in My Ferrari

28th June 2016
Money Doesn't Buy Happiness but I’d rather Cry in My Ferrari

They asked me why I don't have tattoos. So I told them, "Do you see a Ferrari with bumper stickers?"

It is rightly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but Italian beauties have always attracted attention of even those who are not car fanatics. Ferrari doesn't need any introduction, as the children also know what Ferrari is and what it stands for. Well for those who believe that ignorance is the bliss, Ferrari stands for perfection, sportiness, technology and elegance. Each of its products reflects poshness and sophistication and when it cruise the road, other cars bow their heads in respect to celebrate its arrival and speed.

Considered to be the world's most powerful brand producing sports cars, Ferrari is mostly involved in motorsports, the most popular among which is Formula One. The prancing horse in the badge is self-explanatory when it comes to the horsepower of the Ferrari's cars and what more needs to be said as the marque has expanded its root in nearly 60 markets worldwide.

The brand enjoys a huge esteem in the automobile market and the live example to prove the same is the Ferrari World that is the first Ferrari theme park of the world. And it will be interesting to know that because of the World War II; the launch of the first Ferrari got delayed, which later was released in the year 1947.

the first Ferrari theme park of the world. Source:

You will be shocked to know that the classic red color of Ferrari cars, which made them so popular among the crowd, was not the choice of the company but the FIA (International Automobile Federation) assigned that color to all the Italian racing cars at the Grand Prix. As of today, the bright red color represents around 45% of Ferrari cars. The official figures state that more than 5000 sanctioned races have been won by the drivers of Ferrari.

Also a less known fact about Ferrari is that in 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold off nearly 50% of the shares of his company to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for the much needed capital. Later, the Ferraris sold more share and retained only 10% of the ownership. Today, all the Ferrari beauties come with customization option so as to give the owner a personalized touch of WE CARE.

Car-interiors-with-clock Source:

Ferrari has the charm that it can turn its extreme rivals into friends and Maserati stands at the first place. The marque (Maserati) now uses Ferrari engine for its Fiat. In fact, the first bitter encounter (early 1960s) between Mr. Lamborghini (a tractor maker that time) and Mr. Enzo Ferrari became the major reason for the birth of Lamborghini cars.

“If you dream it, you can do it”Enzo Ferrari


My Ferrari

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