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  1. McLaren’s plan for more models “Revealed”

McLaren’s plan for more models “Revealed”

06th November 2015
McLaren’s plan for more models “Revealed”

According to some recent reports in one of the leading automotive magazine, McLaren is looking forward to build off its 650S and P1 with its upcoming model that could be badged the 500S. McLaren will be launching the sports car in the market to target Porsche 911 and Mercedes Benz AMG GT, they are planning to do so by their internally known model P13.

The 500S is expected to have a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine tuned to around 500hp and will be similar to the size of P1 and 650S since it shares the same carbon fiber chassis.

This was not it; the most interesting thing is that McLaren is already planning to build a near-supercar P15 model and a 650S replacement that’s currently codenamed P16. Some sources say that the McLaren 500S can arrive in coupe form next year, along with a possible 650S GTS model, the sources being unofficial. The 500S Spider and the P1 GTR are expected to be available in 2016 while the P16 coupe will come in 2017.

There may be a possibility that a GTS variant for the 500S may arrive in 2018 to spice up the linup, along with the Spider variant for the P16. So looking up in the future we can expect a lot more “Thrill” in the supercar market.

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