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  1. Anushka Sharma's charming ride statement:The Range Rover Vogue

Anushka Sharma's charming ride statement:The Range Rover Vogue

04th April 2017
Anushka Sharma's charming ride statement:The Range Rover Vogue

The attractive, peppy and sprightly girl belongs to the league of top paid actresses with a mind of her own, proof being that she has been behind the production of two very meaningful films, NH10 and Philauri.

Anushka Sharma is one of the rare examples who has struck a perfect work life balance and has stayed away from controversies, politics and filmy gossip.

source - shortday

She is very vocal about the gender inequality in society and supports charities and noble causes. She has limited her choice of car to the Range Rover Vogue that fits the bill for both an adventurous outing and style factor.

source - wonderfulengineering

The time honored and all- time favourite British automotive brand, the Range Rover is renowned and admired worldwide to produce some of the finest SUVs along with being an epitome of power, prestige and sophistication for its ever loyal and discerning customers.

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The legendary brand has been a recipient of positive critics remark from the very start for its famed product lineup that depict sheer class, power, performance and uncompromised luxury along with exuding finesse and panache at the same time.

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Owning and driving the Range Rover is a perfect way to convey one’s arrival in style and for our ever popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, the colossal and gigantic Vogue SUV qualifies to be the ideal vehicle for her everyday commuting.

The B town actors are here to create an impression with their swanky four wheeled possessions and it is interesting to see that how the classic and niche Range Rover Vogue with its immense proportions has won their hearts to create a special place for itself in their exotic garages.

Striking Exterior elements

If size was the only criteria to choose your ride, then the Range Rover Vogue would easily win the competition hands down. See this exquisite masterpiece from any angle and one is sure to be dwarfed by its enormous proportions.

It does share some peripheral bits with its predecessors in the form of the large bonnet styling, capital letter inscribed RANGE ROVER representing and the boxy look design from the side.

But since we are in the 21st century and things have moved on, same is the appearance of the Vogue that has been an eye catcher with its flared up (say it two times) exterior design theme. We are particularly in love with the front look of the car which impresses with the wide head turner radiator grille and the signature new -fangled LED daytime running lights.

Save a few eye catchy moments for the ostentatious detailing of the lights, reminiscent of a camera lens, which take the crown for being showstoppers!

The XXL side view is one to reckon with its majestic styling and architecture. The faux fendor vent graphics are now positioned on the doors and are a reminder of the older model’s design language. The pronounced shoulder line throws in its bit giving the SUV a firm and dynamic stance.

The upper half(include the additive contrasting roof too!) has a distinct styling flavour, and raises the X factor quotient for the SUV considerably. The 20 inch wheels with their meticulous detailing are never a miss hit and look attractive, while flawlessly fitting within the wheel arches.

The vehicle exudes a splendid aura from the rear too with a new age design for the LED tail lights in the form of squares arranged in a vertical pattern.

A one stop for the ultimate extravagant luxury

Once inside, the Vogue greets you with a lavish setup that simply takes your driving experience to a different level altogether. The ergonomic placement of the buttons and switches on the dashboard and central console is well within reach, and the well gripping steering wheel makes one feel as if he has been acquainted with the car for quite some time.

The Range Rover engulfs a person in supreme comfort and luxury and this truly stands as a strong testimony for the brand that has enabled it to win tremendous accolades and appreciation world over.

The Vogue is equipped with all things possible and pampers the passengers to the fullest and gives forth a pompous something else for the stately wayfarers.

The adept central screen with its crystal clear graphics merits the big time attentive annexing with rebuttals. The one intriguing feature is the rising gear knob, also present in the Jaguar range of models that has become a hit with the enthusiasts.

One surely is kept busy and engaged when he lays his eyes on the control for the Terrain Response System placed below the gear selector knob.

The high quality seats of the Vogue do merit a special mention as they boast of one of the finest leather quality incorporated with a heavy dose of impeccable stitching. The front occupants have their share of reward as the affair seems to be a gift wrapped proposition by the masterminds.

The rear passengers have a high to trench on that uptown salutation that makes them in sync with the surroundings of a high class business jet. (No thinking twice!!)

The clannish Meridian sound system offers a crystal clear music experience and beckons you to hear your favorite track endlessly.

A big heart within

source - gtspirit

The Range Rover Vogue, courtesy its big size comes with an enormous 3Litre diesel V6 motor that puts out a stentorian 258PS mated to the soul revitalizing 8 speed automatic gearbox.

The gear shifting is done in an extremely precise and smooth manner without giving any cause to complain and in a very short period develops a quick rapport with you to adapt to your driving style.

Performance from this diesel motor is stupendous and blistering and power is available from the word go without having the need to compare notes with the standard operating procedures.

The effortless manner in which this beast pulls off can be credited to the fact that the British engineers have significantly opted for an all new aluminum monocoque construction that lends the Vogue to shed its weight to quite an extent and as a result deliver aptly on the driving and dynamics front in a much more promising way.
On another elevated platter? 
Something off the track
For true high speed enthusiasts, a top of the line 5.0litre supercharged V8 petrol motor (Autobiography and SV Autobiography lovers!) is available that is capable of breaking some serious records much to the dislike of the green with envy corivals.
source - indianautosblog

Driving the Range Rover Vogue is a big experience in itself. The commanding seating position is a blessing and gives a person the complete view of the hood ahead.

One feels comfortable driving a car this size!!! A big takeaway!

The steering is effortless to hold in neck to neck traffic at slow speeds and weighs up considerably at higher speeds giving the extra bit of confidence needed.

Generate the discipled phrases of ennobling as the Vogue gets up and about with it's wordly wised jaunters ........comfy, comfy poise!!!

source - indianautosblog

A short stint with the Range Rover Vogue in one’s favorite off-road terrain beckons you to praise the intuitive Terrain Response System.

The mechanism steadfastly caters to the "tough as nails" settings to trot out the malleable coming through....

The SUV comes with a host of unflinching safety features that act as watchdogs during an off road adventure and the exhaustive list butters up Range's testimony of a good Samaritan on job.


source - shortday

Atta girl! Way to go. We hope she adds more feathers in her cap and carries on producing socially relevant movies.

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