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  1. Maserati Quattroporte – A Masterpiece Created Ever

Maserati Quattroporte – A Masterpiece Created Ever

25th February 2016
Maserati Quattroporte – A Masterpiece Created Ever

There are supercars designed in Italy and then there are supercars designed in rest of the world countries – and if you pick top 20 supercars that tug the emotional strings, chances are that the majority among the 20 will be have Italian blood. There is something which the cars made in Italy do incredibly well – tug the heartstrings and understand the drivers like no one else can.

So, it is no mean task to be counted as one of the top supercars designed in Italy, with not two but four doors. It is not a feat which can be claimed by many – unless the car in question is the Maserati Quattroporte – a perfect study in combining form and function to charisma and passion.

The Maserati Quattroporte (translatable literally into Maserati Four Door, but name the mundane in Italian and it sounds exotic and desirable, we know) is at attestation to the fact that Italians can make anything look incredibly beautiful and functional at same time.

This almost a limo Maserati is draped in graceful lines and is cleverly designed to hide its bulk – so much so that, unless you are really viewing it side on, the car don't looks its size. The hunkered down stance, the imposing oval grill with the pride of place Maserati Trident emblem and the signature air vents – all these gives the car a unique stance that announces your arrival.


The first thing that will strike you when viewed head on is the traditional oval shaped wide Maserati grill with the Trident logo and the long and sleek bonnet. The design is dominated by powerful lines and graceful ripples that envelope a muscular and sporty sedan, which if full of refinement and class – a design draped in traditional Maserati garb.

The uniquely shaped headlights adorn either sides of the wide grill and give the front an aggressive stance. The wraparound headlights merge seamlessly into the side of the car, which is characterized by the signature porthole like air vents that are beautiful and functional. The front gets rather large air intakes and LED daylight running lights.

The side silhouette is accented by the strong character line that starts from side and follows to the flanks and then to a characteristic rear end. The rear is dominated by wraparound LED tail lights and twin oval shaped, steel exhaust pipes and the thick chrome central trim that joins the tail lights that sustains the sporty character of the design.

There are few unique detailing touches that make the car stand out – the triangular C pillar wears the iconic Maserati 'Seattle' logo like all the previous generation of Quattroporte. There is an integrated rear spoiler that adds to the silhouette and keeps the car steady at high speeds by generating required downforce.

The spokes on the standard 19-inch alloy wheels resemble the prongs of the Maserati Trident – a detail which will be appreciated by many. The body lines and the silhouette of the Quattroporte resemble a coupe than a sedan – a noticeable achievement of the design team, which masks the length and makes the car looks more graceful and sporty.


Maserati Quattroporte INTERIOR Source:

Step inside and the first thing you will notice is the abundance of top quality materials – finest quality leather and natural wood, hand crafted to perfection. The layout is traditional Maserati, interwoven with modern creature comforts. The interior is designed to resemble a lounge and the emphasis in equal parts is on the craftsmanship and quality. The cabin is not busy and the layout is more elegant in nature than being a tour-de-force in latest technology.

The dashboard is divided into three different levels, but at the center, there is a huge high definition touchscreen display measuring 8.4-inch, featuring the navigation and other controls. The dashboard, the center tunnels and doors have acres of open-pore wood with fine vein patterns and knots.

You can pick and choose the wood, leather and aluminum trims from a wide array of choices so that the interior is tailored to your taste.

The multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in fine leather and hosts the controls for voice, multimedia, cruise, etc.

The seats are wide and deep, and come wrapped in finest leather, hand stitched to perfection. The front seats offer a wide array of adjustments – height, lumbar, back, depth and angle. These are complemented by adjustable pedals so finding the right driving position is just a button touch away.


Maserati is renowned for its engine sound track, and the Quattroporte comes with an equally incredible sound system for in-cabin entertainment also. The discerning connoisseur in you can choose the Quattroporte to be tailored with either a Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system or a Harman Kardon premium sound system.

The B&W system offers concert hall level acoustics and comes with 15 high quality speakers and a 16-channel 1,280 watt amplifier. The Harman Kardon system uses cutting edge digital sound processing technology and comes with 10 high quality speakers and a 12 channel Class-D amplifier, which provides 360 degree of sound reproduction, irrespective of the seating position.


No super luxury car is complete without custom touches and the story of Quattroporte is no different. You can choose the colors and materials of the interiors and the limit of these choices is your creativity.

The interior trims can even be in a special glossy finish carbon fiber, if you want to impart that special sporty touch to the interiors, which can be complemented with aluminum paddle shifters and control pedals done in brushed steel with rubber inserts. Those who want to be more in tune with nature can opt for the Ermenegildo Zegna packages that offer interiors done in finest Mulberry natural silk, in a choice of colors.


3-liter bi-turbo V6 outputs a healthy power of 330BHP Source:

The Quattroporte comes with the most advanced engines ever produced by Maserati. The base 3-liter bi-turbo V6 outputs a healthy power of 330BHP and is tuned to minimize the turbo lag and offer high efficacy and excellent performance.

The same V6 in the Quattroporte S produces 410BHP of power while the top-of-the- line GTS has a roaring V8 measuring 3.8L, with an output of 530BHP and 524 lb-ft of torque, which can take the Quattroporte to 300km/h and beyond.

For those who want diesel power, the Quattroporte is available with a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel that churns out 275BHP and 443lb-ft of torque. This engine combines the sportiness of a petrol engine with the benefits of a diesel mill.

All the engines are paired with a state-of-the-art automatic transmission that offers lightning fast shifts and helps the Quattroporte achieve excellent efficiency figures.


Maserati Quattroporte

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