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  1. WWE Superstars and their super cool four wheel collection

WWE Superstars and their super cool four wheel collection

10th February 2017
WWE Superstars and their super cool four wheel collection

Power packed performance, show of might and valor and riding high on adrenaline coupled with entrenched theatrics make the WWE show an all time favourite with the young and adult alike.

Remember the time when we as small kids impersonated our model wrestlers trying their moves and maneuvers clumsily and failed miserably.

The wrestling bouts see the audience sit in palpable frenzied excitement and anticipation as they wait with bated breath for the muscular machos to arrive in style and yes some of them do it big with their exotic four wheels.

Here we have listed few of the all time favourite superstars and their enchanting car collection:-

The Rock

source - youtube

“If you smell, what the Rock is cooking”, this entrance track of the all –time WWE reputed wrestler Rock a.k.a Dwayne Johnson has truly melted hearts and gained worldwide appreciation.

Being born in the family of wrestlers, the Rock originally took to playing football and made a big name by winning a national championship in the 1991, representing the Miami Hurricanes football club.

He turned his attention to wrestling and signed a part time contract with the WWE and made his official debut in the year 1996.

2-The-Rocksource -coda-craven

He made a tremendous impact during his successful reign and surely gave his competitors a run for their money.

The wrestler has always been at the forefront amongst the championship titles and is the proud winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble.

Apart from wrestling, Rock is a famous actor, producer and singer and has been a part of many Hollywood blockbuster hit movies.

3-rock-winner-Royal-Rumblesource -playbuzz

He is the world’s highest paid actor for the year 2016 apart from being included in the list of the powerful celebrities and influential people.

A car buff at heart, the famous personality is seen driving the Chevrolet Chevelle in the Hollywood movie Faster.

source - youtube

A vintage masterpiece that was produced during three generations from 1964 to 1978 and came in different body styles of coupes, convertibles, station wagon and sedans.

This vehicle provided the sporty and dynamic appeal for car enthusiasts during the good olden days. It came in a variety of engines and the top of the line 6.5L V8 motor was an eager and vigorous performer satiating the inherent desire of the car lovers.

This model was the company’s epitome of timeless classic and elegant designs during that time.

4-rock-arrivalsource -wwe

The sophisticated Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, a modern age two door convertible exhibiting the British legacy and tradition is one of Rock’s favorite possessions.

The renowned sportscar Audi R8 with its blistering high level performance and dynamics along with an enormous Ford F150 pickup truck complete his exorbitant garage.

The Undertaker

5-the-undertakersource -hdwallpapersfreedownload

“The fear of death is far greater than the death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all!”

A shadow of darkness engulfs the WWE arena as one of the greatest legendary superstars in the history of the sporting entertainment makes his way to the ring, known as the Undertaker.

Been in the industry for over two decades, his unprecedented triumph and glory takes the centre stage and his scary tactics to intimidate his rivals has gone down to the history books.

6-deadman-undertakersource -dailyddt

His undisputed streak in the Wrestle Mania couldn’t be replicated by none other but it was eventually broken by his arch rival Brock Lesnar.

Over the years, we have seen many iterations of the ‘Deadman’ but post the year 2000, the world was greeted by a modern age Undertaker, shedding off his old school practices and theories and giving way to a neoteric personality making his way on a big motorcycle to the ring and significantly modifying his arrival music to ‘Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit to appeal to the youngsters.

source - youtube

His custom made motorcycle is a typical attention seeking machine with huge handlebars, low seating position and the long inch sized front wheel.

A full round around the ring excites people even more along with the aural bliss of the exhaust note.

During this phase, he was regarded as an avid bike collector especially for cruisers, housing the XXL sized bikes from Harley Davidson in his garage that go extremely well with his macho presence.

7-undertaker-bikesource -asportsnews

Undertaker too admires classic vehicles and owns the vintage 1978 Mercedes Benz W123 that still hasn’t lost its charm and can be found in the garage of many car lovers.

Getting a high on the Taker's bikes?

We don't have any interjections to present!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin

source - youtube

Nicknamed the ‘Texas Rattle Snake’, Stone Cold Steve Austin has played a pivotal role since the very beginning by adopting a different approach to entertain the crowd and keep the show going.

A former Hall of Famer, Steve Austin has won three Royal Rumble events apart from holding innumerable championship belts.

Stone Cold Steve Austinsource -blogspot

His speeches in the centre of the ring, along with instances of a one man show standing up against the authorities is still cherished by the huge fan followers.

Tackling and overcoming his arch rivals in the most dramatic ways made him an all-time favorite.

source - youtube

His humongous monster truck that boasts of being 12 feet wide in length and equipped with 66 inch off-road tyres was the main attraction during his all- time feuds which raised the entertainment quotient manifold.

In one of the shows, Stone Cold was seen crushing the Rock’s brand new limousine with the monster truck.

9-Steve-Austin-monster-trucksource -wwe

This vehicle has also played a major role in special motor-cross and mud bogging events.

Stone Cold took things to another exciting level when he incorporated the use of Zamboni and stormed the arena in one of his disputes with Vince Macmahon, the chairman of the WWE.

It is an ice resurfacer that lays down a layer of clean water which eventually freezes to form an ice surface.

The machine can be in the form of a vehicle or a hand pushed device and it made its debut back in 1949 in Paramount, California.

source - youtube

And the most thrilling of all is his colossal beer truck with a big extension pipe extending all the way to ring which was used by Stone Cold in a number of matches, going against all odds and proving his sheer dominance and authority.

John Cena

10-john-cenasource -wallpapercave

An inherent motivation and a never die attitude make John Cena a favorite amongst the avid fan followers of the WWE.

Making a foray into the world of wrestling back in 1999, his successful stint with the Ultimate Pro Wrestling led him to further pursue his career with the WWE by signing a development contract and from there onwards it was no looking back for this superstar.

Cena was an adept learner and steadily counting on the experience, made him one of the top wrestlers of all time.

11-championship-belts-john-cenasource -sportsgoogly

His path to glory and triumph can be adjudged from the numerous championship belts held by him during the course of time which includes a 13 time world champion, 3 times as a world heavy weight champion and adding to his credentials further are the United States champion(5 times) and tag team title(4 times).

That’s not all, winning the Money in the Bank ladder match in the year 2012 and being victorious in two Royal Rumble events were the turning points in his famed career.

He is one of the highest paid WWE wrestlers of all times.

Apart from wrestling, he is a renowned rapper and his album ‘You Can’t See Me’ has recorded astounding success since its embarking.

He has also made special appearances in Television shows and is deeply involved and connected with various social and philanthropic causes.

12-john-cena-ford-mustangsource -wallpaper-gallery

John Cena too shows his love for cars by having an exotic collection of four wheels in his garage.

He owns the braveheart Ford Mustang that goes perfectly with his modern personality and dynamic appeal.

The American Pony as they say is an icon of all sorts that catapults a beguiling effect on the person driving it.

13-john-cena-classic-carssource -theautochannel

Cena is also regarded as an admirer of classic cars and owns a charming 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger giving the impression of a timeless coupe. (Golden times rejuvenated)

14-Ford-Gran-Turinosource -ytimg

The sporty looking 1970 Plymouth Superbird is too one of his personal favorites along with the vintage two door Ford Gran Turino and the much loved AMC AMX. These possessions truly depict Cena’s affection and fondness for something unusual and out of the box and quickly qualify to be collector’s items at the end of the day.

Randy Orton

15-randy-ortonsource -pixelstalk

Proudly known as the “Viper” in the world of WWE, Randy Orton is regarded as a force to reckon with amongst his counterparts.

Being in this industry for quite a while, his experience and caliber have played its part and a flurry of championship belts and nerve wrecking matches victories duly add to his credentials.

source - youtube

His unpredictable moves and counter attacking stance leaves the crowd amazed and wondering.

A keen four wheel lover, Randy owns a gigantic Hummer H2 that is a portrayal of sheer dominance and authority and makes one feel like the king of the road.

source - youtube

Its enormous exterior dimensions are in a league of its own and the typical ladder on frame chassis implementation makes it one of the favorite picks for off-roading.

The practical interiors with functional layout of switches and buttons score extremely high on the desirability factor along with enveloping you in sheer comfort.

The mega size top of the line 6.2L V8 motor is an absolute delight to drive on almost any terrain and never fails to impress.

The Hummer H2 has an undisputed legacy in its segment and some of that is replicated by Randy Orton too in wrestling career.

Alberto Del Rio

16-Alberto-Del-Riosource -wallpapersafari

His entry in the WWE Arena enthralls one and all as that moment is truly the highlight of the entire show and one to reckon with.

A Mexican professional wrestler and a vibrant martial artist, Jose Alberto Rodriguez popularly known as Alberto Del Rio has made quite a remarkable stint in the domain of wrestling and is widely acknowledged for his two successful tenures with the WWE.

Born in a family of wrestlers, he has carried forth the legacy and tradition.......

17-winner-Royal-Rumblesource -ytimg

His achievements in the form of winning the 2011 Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank in the same calendar year apart from holding the WWE Championship and World Heavy Weight Championship twice can very well portray his sheer dedication and passion to strive for excellence and that gives him a distinctive edge amongst other WWE superstars.

18-alberto-his-aston-martinsource -gtspirit

His fan followers regard him as a passionate car lover by heart and he keeps them guessing as to which of his four wheeled possession will be used to capture the limelight on his arrival in the arena.

His exotic car collection is one of its kind and includes the royal British iconic machine known as the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster that sparkles the unusual glitterati shade for the red carpeting.

Its stupendous acceleration and sporty dynamics can melt hearts for sure along with making one’s day as pleasurable as ever.

source - youtube

Apart from this, the ever alluring BMW 6 series convertible, archetypal and colossal Rolls Royce Phantom, Porsche 911 along with the Italian collection of the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430 Spider also find a special place in his exotic garage.

John Bradshaw Layfield

19-John-Bradshaw-Layfieldsource -wrestlingmedia

A multi -faceted personality with a high degree of intellect and acumen, John Bradshaw Layfield, popularly known as JBL is a former American color commentator and a retired WWE wrestler and currently on role with the broadcast team of Smack Down and pay per view events.

His journey with the WWE has been a memorable one too including 24 championships and most importantly being the World Champion for 280 days from 2004-2005 after defeating Eddie Guerrero in a speculative controversial match.

source - youtube

Apart from WWE, he is a renowned financial analyst with Fox News along with being a big time stock market investor in the United States.

He is popularly known for being a connoisseur of fine things and that is depicted by his custom made humongous limousine with a pair of bull horns on the bonnet and a string of cowbell that rings on and off.

The number plate proudly portrays his initials ‘JBL’ in style gathering maximum attention from the crowd.

The American flags in the form of a semi -circular cloth are attached meticulously onto the side doors along with being draped on the bonnet too which affirms the love and patriotism for his country.

JBL’s limousine is an inspiration for the many car enthusiasts out there who wish to see themselves in his shoes in the times to come.

20-superstars-wwesource -rantemradio

Hope you enjoyed every bit of this article on the wrestlers and their cars and this being in sync with Big Boy Toyz’s dictum of Supercars for Superstars.


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