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  1. LaFerrari – The whole new stratosphere of performance

LaFerrari – The whole new stratosphere of performance

22nd December 2015
LaFerrari – The whole new stratosphere of performance

Forget all you know about speed, have you ever imagined how could be the whole new stratosphere of performance, a relentless accumulation of speed accompanied by the greatest automotive soundtrack in the world.

Be afraid, Ferrari had been working on the most extreme production-derived car in its history: "A hardcore, track-spec version of the heart pounding fast LaFerrari…!"

Ferrari has staged the holy anticipated global premiere of its belated Enzo successor 'LaFerrari', which is the ultimate distillation of speed and means "The Ferrari" in Italian.

The what? The Ferrari The Ferrari? Or just LaFerrari? Obviously it was an odd one for sure.

But what it actually is? A limited addition 499-strong definitive statement from a company whose flagship cars have been nothing less than milestones in the automotive evolution – may it be a 1984's turbocharged 288 GTO, '87's carbon fiber F40, '95's F1 derived F50, and 2002's everything Enzo. It is seen that Ferrari's limited-edition cars are special. They come once in a decade, cost a small fortune; which has never hurt sales, and usually becomes the benchmark for the next-generations supercars at Ferrari and the entire industry. This Hyper car represents Ferrari's most ambitious project to push the boundaries of technology, drawing together the finest expression of the marque's technical capabilities in both GT and Formula 1 engineering.

The LaFerrari is the first ever car with hybrid technology to come out. The 6262cc V12 produces 800 CV and the electric motor a further 12o kW (163 CV) for a total of over 960 CV. Talking about the acceleration it has an ability to reach 0-200Km/h in less than 7 seconds, and it is not over yet, the maximum speed it can give is above 350Km/h. The cockpit of the car is developed with the direct involvement of F1 drivers resulting in the perfect fusion of the tradition and modernity and which is track inspired. The steering wheel and pedal box is highly adjustable as per the driver's preference.

LaFerrari is an intoxicating blend of earth-shattering performance and confidence-inspiring technology. A car with such high BHP shouldn't be easy to drive, but this one is. That's the genius of LaFerrari, which takes the concept of driver aids that heighten rather than blunt the experience and propels it into a new dimension.

LaFerrari is the finest expression of the company's unique, unparalleled engineering and design know-how, including that acquired in Formula One. The car was a high level gamble that could have failed. But really, the LaFerrari is just that. The Ferrari.



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