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  1. BMW X6 M:The German Wunderkind

BMW X6 M:The German Wunderkind

13th February 2019
BMW X6 M:The German Wunderkind

Unhampered and determined, it goes stealthily past the pea soupy cover of the early wintery morning radiating the typical Bavarian charm of being a scrumptious feast and wassail to indulge upon.
What a fruitful start to the daybreak and we can never forget this lovely encounter for the rest of our lives!

“Indeed wow!


My flea in the ear is that the X6 exudes that prototypic meaner and aggressive demeanor when in motion and if I am not mistaken the one which just went by embodies the regnant M that makes it one among the sycophancy fetching things in the present generation.
It’s a definite pat on the back for BMW.

The peripheral vision has got something to cheer about with the striking Adaptive LED Headlights which look spectacular and are at the apex of catapulting the head turning reactions.


Relishing the exhibitionistic stuff in the form of the tempting air intakes, double black M kidney grille, sporty 20 inch alloys and the standout twin tailpipes will surely make an ala carte affair for the extra takers.

The German Wunderkind

And off course add to that the well sculpted body of the BMW which is a definite dreamboat for me since the day I started owning one
Mine is the xDrive30d and I have endless affections for it and really have no regrets for going with this one
I am planning for an upgrade and it will be a BMW only for sure”, coming from an elderly gentleman who was just besides us doing his punctual morning strides.

He must have been noticing our expression when we saw the bimmer go past in its meritorious avatar!

The German Wunderkind

“That’s great and we can surely extend the hearty conversation to a full blown discussion as to how the ace Deutsche plays a catalyst’s role in developing that long lived soft spot ”.
Our self made beemer specialist’s vocal reply.

The German Wunderkind

Oh! The budding auto enthusiast has had wholehearted trysts with almost all BMWs, we reckon, and wants to relive his ecstatic memories with spoken words of praise and knowledge with the elderly nobleman.
Everything on his fingertips then!
The M is….is for the soulful and emotional who wish to go a little over the top with their possession that gets them the much acclaimed bragging rights for sure……” , he has all in favor of the car in question.
Yah! Yah! Of course!
And now the joyful story extends its domain to the inside.
How are we describing it?

BMW fanatic

Having being put under a spell by the flavorsome exteriors, the palatable experience gets a top drawer entitlement with this…..
Seventh heaven or cloud nine! Well you can attribute both of them to the enticing layout on the inside.

“Being the sovereign it certainly must have got the supernumeraries for its distinction”, the gentleman is still in it.

Did you go through the specification sheet for a reference”, asks the BMW fanatic….

“Actually no and certainly seeing your craze for the Bavarian machines, it would be great if you could throw light on that”, the polished man stating it honestly.
Let’s see what the young gun has to say!

"Give it a stickler’s tag for spot on ergonomics and functionality aplomb, without a doubt!

Bavarian machines

The lovely M multifunctional steering gives a boost to the adrenaline rush on holding it and toggling through the nifty I Drive with handwriting recognition is an extension of your adept mastering abilities.

BMW X6 M Cabin

It doesn’t give a reason to complain.
Because the stalwarts at BMW know exactly how to contrive the best of know- how for the repetitive positive critic ratings!
Then comes, the handy navigation system with 3D maps that gives a whole hog information for even the smallest turns and directions!
A full color HUD reserved for the M only….
Attractive is the word coming to the mind when you see the emblazed mood lighting exhibiting a theatrical staccato as an augmentation to the finishing touches

Comfortable and cozy car seat

Seats, seats, seats!
Comfortable, cozy, snug you well and waiver off the paradigmatic presumptive “tiring” phenomena for the longest of journeys”, he has it ready.

And here comes the galvanic thrust to the series of dialogue.
BMWs are known to be the best driver’s car, that’s pretty much a well -accepted phenomena now”, says the auto techie in our team who has been patiently following the pattern of talks till now.
He is famous by the aphorism of “what’s under the hood” geek as he devotes maximum time for stockpiling the number figures.


Elucidating further, “To begin with, the ball of fire 4.4litre twin power turbo petrol motor will invoke the spark plug of gallant fireworks and vehemence!
575hp to be precise….that is a stage setting for your unfaltering banzai involvements.


Gearbox….gearbox, and that is an 8 M Specific drive logic unit which clearly understands the algorithms of the pleased as punch notions on the move.
Because since day one it was being credited with adapting to your driving style expertly.

Lay upon it a thrust of bullish desire and witness the X6 M respond with promptitude and spryness with the honors going to the nifty xDrive that complements its uncompromised handling and accentuates the easy pace across sharpest of bends and corners, that too with no strings attached.

If you are in the mood to emblazon your “lifetime’s involvement” with the satiating doses, then you’ll probably put to use the mastery skills to get acquainted with the luring Launch Control function that makes the beast a red blooded sprinter taking off at the bat of an eye……

The energetic temptation to ape the race track circuit prowess can see a good amount of light on putting to test the winsome M Drive configurations in their stealthiest form that lets you try out all sorts of hair raising stuff which was once itched for longingly.
(For the brave hearted!)”.
“That was nice to be frank.

The German Wunderkind

So full marks from you in the performance department, right?” asks the grey haired person who is almost convinced on the raring machine for the upgradation.
“My thumbs up to the go-getter exemplar for turning it on”, the reply is instantaneous.
That was it!

X6 M

Counting on BMW’s revered tagline of sheer driving pleasure, the X6 M comes across as a perfect culmination of oomph raising bits along with some fabulous action packed- thrilling proceedings which is definitely worthy of a long lasting relationship for the ardent choosers.


German Wunderkind , BMW X6 M

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