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  1. It’s official: Lexus LS is KING of the Road

It’s official: Lexus LS is KING of the Road

27th January 2016
It’s official: Lexus LS is KING of the Road

You might think that the title itself is little exaggerated; however, we will never claim something so serious without strong back-up points. We agree that not everyone will eventually own a Lexus LS but that doesn't mean you can never?

We believe not everyone is a born Lexus LS driver; some learn the hard way. After reading this article you will definitely yearn to own this award winning, performance-oriented and one of the HOTTEST wheels in the world. We will be talking about as many qualities as we can (unfortunately, an article does have limited words) that might make you regret why your garage isn't honored to keep the majestic Lexus LS.
Let's talk about the REGALITY of the Lexus:

Sophistication does have a name: CONNOISSEURS call it 'Lexus'

Let's admit it, "Lexus LS is sophistication personified". LS is not only known for its comfort driving, but also for the ambiance it offers to its passengers. The luxury sedan promises to lend a sense of 'Classiness' and 'Flamboyance' to your journey. The complete seating package, from driver's seat to the rear passengers, include best of the features like power-reclining cozy rear seats, in-built ottoman-style leg rest, fine leather seats along with a folding wood-trimmed console table to enjoy snack-time et al. It's truly a luxurious cruise on wheels.

With Power Comes Great Responsibilities: Lexus Engines Strictly Obey It

Every car needs a powerful engine to become a crowning glory on the road and Lexus knows this fact by heart. The LS is powered by an impressive 386-hp V8 engine, and the LS 600h L—the world's first luxury and AWD V8 hybrid – roars maximum power of up to 438hp and resolved to go from 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds. Its butter-like steering offers smooth shifting and provide a quiet, steady and powerful drive on any terrain.

When the Engine Roars, Safety Becomes Top Priority: LS Owners Feel Safe

Pushing an accelerator of a car that doesn't provide sound safety is like standing on a landmine going to click anytime. Lexus' technicians work meticulously to make its cars 'CRASH PROOF'. LS models are laced with standard and optional safety features like adaptive headlights, airbags, blind spot monitor, forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, and so on. Moreover, under Lexus' hi-tech pre-collision system, you will get a driver attention monitor and corrective steering movement to stay in the lane. With a top score in crashworthiness conducted by IIHS, Lexus gives you peace of mind while driving.

An Array of Advanced Electronics: Fully Abreast of Cutting-Edge Technology

Lexus LS has always been a vision when it comes to hi-tech gadgets. However, in 2015, the company went little more serious about this element and fixed latest systems like App Integration System to get an access to the apps like Pandora, Slacker and iHeartRadio Internet radio services, navigation, Bluetooth and audio streaming, SIRI integration, USB/iPod inputs and high quality stereo speakers. Be ready for one HELLUVA drive!

Extreme Testing before you Drive: LS goes through Rigorous Prototype Testing

Lexus understands the importance of prototype testing and takes it very seriously. The length Lexus goes to help make premium cars is commendable. The complete prototype testing procedure ensures that all the electronic systems perfectly function under any atmospheric pressure. In addition to subjecting the prototypes to extreme temperatures ranging from 225 degrees to 30 degrees or below, there is a mandatory harsh electromagnetic interference testing in a big chamber to make sure all the electronic systems such as television waves, solar radiation and lightning don't get affected.

Rigid body and Responsive Paint: Luxurious Shouldn't just be Seen it Should also be FELT

Lexus has always put its soul in the making of LS models. Taking care of every minute detail is the key to becoming 'DADDY' of the automobile industry. Car's body and its paint is something not to ignore. Under harsh weather conditions, it's not just an engine but also the body that puts a great fight. LS comes with scratch-resistant paint that is capable of repairing itself from light dents and minor scratches. The paint experts at Lexus follow 6-layered paint system out of which two base coats are designed in such a way that they react differently under sun and cloud. The large aluminum flakes in the first base coat sparkle under sunlight while smaller flakes twinkle under cloud.

Apart from these qualities, the procedure to make every engine worth putting in Lexus LS is rigorous and will definitely blow your mind. Don't believe us? Read on!

Lexus Mechanics Are No Less Than Doctors

Every Lexus LS engine stands on the line of fire before even being considered as a part of the car. Yes! Each and every engine is HANDPICKED and personally tested on the 'Assembly Balancer' where a skilled technician inspects it inside out, without skipping even a single beat. The technicians use stethoscope (metaphorically) to listen a running engine's humming, making sure it sounds perfect when you drive.

Dust-Free Labs to Keep the Engines Safe from Any Kind of Contamination

Lexus clearly seems to be obsessed with keeping micron-size particles away from precision components. After exhaustive testing process, every engine is kept secluded in a lab-like room inside dust-free containers before assembling. All the workers have to undergo "air showers" before entering the lab, and all the parts get multiple high-power vacuums before getting assembled in the car. Some may consider this procedure a bit rigid and over the top, however, we believe that making reliable cars is not a joke and Lexus seems to be completely focused on manufacturing safe and premium cars.

Metal that Stands for Indisputable STRENGTH

Lexus uses top-of-the-line aluminum and its quality is ensured at the liquid metal stage. The molten aluminum contains minimal gases that help in making strong parts of the vehicle. It's quite impressive and interesting to see the company's determination to produce state-of-the-art vehicles for its customers. Lexus is really popular in the industry for using superior quality of aluminum and also its commitment of in-house care to the raw materials.

Well, we are not done yet. Didn't we tell you, it's difficult to stop? So, before coming to an end, let's come to a conclusion that Lexus has always been at the forefront of innovation, and thus, has introduced many "firsts" in the industry. For example:

  • The world's first luxury hybrid
  • The world's first eight-speed automatic transmission
  • The world's first LED headlamps
  • The world's first pedestrian-detection system

So, now, you know the brains invested into making every Lexus LS are just IMPECCABLE. Such are the visionaries who are thinking about your NEXT LS by adhering to the stringent qualitative process that demand an obsession for detail.


Lexus LS

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