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  1. Getting a taste of Katrina's exotic car garage

Getting a taste of Katrina's exotic car garage

20th December 2017
Getting a taste of Katrina's exotic car garage
source - you tube

The well -known celebrities and the eminent glitterati know a thing or two to precisely portray their fine taste for things which of course is a ceremonial phenomenality to garner a huge fan following.

From the bespoke fashion homes, international travels & cuisines and lavish lifestyles, almost everything flawlessly depicts their panache and the indulgent quotient uncompromised.

source - you tube

And when it comes to cars, especially big sized cars, being an ardent petrol head one often succumbs to the fantasized delight and thrill which is to follow once you feel at home with your priced possession.
The adage being true for our Bollywood stars! Isn’t it!

Call it a temptation or an addiction and this love is sincerely akin to a ‘next level gratification’ that sees the superstars house some of the most exotic and talked about four wheel models which merits a noteworthy admiration and applause. Moving on!
So finally it is time to put your hands together for her much awaited arrival! Well you have to agree that person of her stature and prestige deserves a star studded treatment.

big sized cars BBTsource - highdefinitionwallpapers

There’s fervor in the air and heartbeats go up as the gorgeous and sparkling Diva of B Town, Katrina Kaif, occasionally leaves everyone astounded with her splendid personality while doing a red carpet entry in her choicest four wheel collection. Yes you heard it right!

taste of Katrina's exotic car source - celebsandcinema

Adjudged as one of the most attractive celebrities by the media, Katrina’s popularity further gets a boost with her two mighty German powerhouses in the form of the Audi Q7 and Mercedes ML 350 CDI that quickly appeal to the sentiments and emotions of people aplenty.

taste of Katrina's exotic car

The fact gets quickly established that size truly does the talking along with exhibiting the tag of the “present in thing making a statement” for the aspiring lot.

The German duo of the four rings and three pointed star ‘prodigious stance’ is a tentative two cents’ worth with all due honesty. There is no denying the fact that seeing both of them under the same roof calls for an unparalleled pleasure, transporting you to cloud nine.

taste of Katrina's exotic car

On one hand, the gracious example hailing Stuttgart is an epitome of unequalled sophistication and opulence that appeals to your aesthetic sense, while the wizard and genius from Audi is a breathtaking exemplification of sheer technology and progression par excellence.

Fine pickings for Katrina indeed!

taste of Katrina's exotic car

The Mercedes Benz ML 350 CDI is a superlative example in the star’s garage and it excels at what it is known for doing best- making you feel regal and privileged every time you open the doors to snuggle yourself in utmost comfort and luxury. A heritage attached to the German automotive maker that gets echoed with utmost affirmation in your heart and mind.

taste of Katrina's exotic car

The classy SUV never fails to strike a chord courtesy it’s well chiseled exterior proportions and looks the part to exude that bit of aggression and dynamism when driven enthusiastically.

Mercedes ML 350 CDI Car BBT

Mercedes enables you to discover the true meaning of “desire for the best” as the captivating cabin of the ML does wonders to your enthralling and fanciful driving experience.
A basis for you to chart out your spirited anecdote, it is that involving!

source - you tube

Putting the gigantic 3Litre V6 diesel under the hood to its paces is a blissful and extraordinary moment to keep at the back of your mind and to make way for the dramatic flashbacks thereon.

Mercedes ML 350 CDI Car BBT

The enormous deluge of power and competence right from the word go convey the ML’s rip roaring and lusty nature that is a sure shot diversion from the every day’s monotony and drudgery which willfully helps you to find the requisite degree of adventure.

Taking it on your favorite expedition ride is surely a takeaway as you swivel across its overwhelming body and handling mannerisms to add the extra X factor quotient.

Mercedes ML 350 CDI Car BBT

One of Katrina’s formidable ride options, the Mercedes ML Class is a skillful illustration of exclusivity and individuality at its peak.

Mercedes ML 350 CDI Car BBT

And when the vivacious actress wishes to fulfill her quest for a “latest on the card” affair dressed with a host of gizmos and bells & whistles, the Audi Q7 shows up with some of its extravagant and flashy toys to play with.

Mercedes ML 350 CDI Car BBT

The ostentatious looks and gigantic measurements together with a miraculous on board cabin engagement make the Q7 an enchanting getaway companion that holds no bars to the contentment levels.

source - you tube

And having a cyclopean being in the form of the 4.2 TDI motor that belts out a spunky 340bhp at your disposal, is a once in a lifetime opportunity that calls for an exhilarating tarmac stint of one of its kind that entails a host of movers and shakers to get you going.

Katrina surely has a soft corner for the Q7 after all the Audi doesn’t fail to impress on any front!


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