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  1. MS Dhoni's Exotic Car and Bike Collection

MS Dhoni's Exotic Car and Bike Collection

09th January 2017
MS Dhoni's Exotic Car and Bike Collection

With a meticulous and tailor made game plan to master the techniques resulting in favourable outcomes, this cricketing stalwart is one among the respected and dependable icons of the prominent game.

If you didn't know already, Dhoni was country’s most successful captain and is the only cricketer in the history to lead his team to win in the T20 World Cup, the ODI World Cup, and the Champions Trophy.

But there is another thing that always keeps ‘Captain Cool’ in the news- His passion for cars and bikes. Yes, his total net worth is astounding and as you know, with great money also comes a great car collection.

So take a look a look into his garage and find out how many cars and bikes he owns.

P.S : It’ll be hard to cover the entire collection but we’ll try our best!

1. Hummer H2

Hummer-H2-ms-dhonisource - carblogindia

Dhoni’s Hummer H2 is one beautiful beastly forerunner.

The colossal American machine is clearly one of the ringleaders out there on the tarmac owing to its gargantuan looks and the power house 6.2L V8 petrol motor that lets out an eager 393 PS of power. 

Seeing Hummer's inherent trait to secure the green nod of approval without a dose of speculation, it was an automatic and certain picking for the proficient cricketer who enjoys every bit of this steadfast SUV's performance.



2. Audi Q7

As much as we are fascinated by Dhoni’s car and bike collection, we’d be lying if we say we are not slightly jealous. Just like many luxury car lovers, Dhoni is also the proud owner of a gorgeous Audi Q7

There comes the unfazed inclining to own the supreme offering from the four rings denoted by a hefty dose of modern day tech savvy paragons and presentings.

No deep thinking here for sure.....

3. Harley Davidson Fatboy :

Harley-Davidson-Fatboysource -

For anyone, who’s ever had a liking for bikes, owning a Harley Davidson is the best thing that could happen to them. So, it doesn't come as a surprise to us that Dhoni owns this gorgeous beast!

4. Ducati 1098 :

Ducati-1098source - folomojo

The man’s got it all, they say. He probably does. If you ever get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Dhoni’s garage, standing there you would also find a magnificent Ducati 1098.

We would surely like to gauge your first reaction after seeing this able bodied track artist!!!

5. Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki-Ninja-H2source - folomojo

One can simply not forget to pinpoint the eye catching kawasaki Ninja H2 when talking about Dhoni’s bike collection.

Let us acquaint you with its headliner technical specifications.......

The beast gets a vigorous 998 cc 4 cylinder engine and the maximum power output is slated at 200 hp @ 11000 rpm along with the peak torque being 134 Nm @ 10500 rpm.

We are already drooling!

6. Confederate X132 Hellcat :

Confederate-X132-Hellcatsource -

This is one bike that is so exclusive that only 150 pieces exist in the world and Dhoni is just one of those 150 lucky people to own this bike. In fact, he is the onliest Southeast Asian person to buy this machine!


In the end, we’d like to ask- If you happen to wake up as Dhoni, one morning- Which of these mean machines would you take for a spin?



M.S Dhoni’s Garage

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Best Coolest caption in the world



That's hardly a line up..Showcasing 6 cars out of his collection doesn't count. I am sure you guys can do a better job.



X132 its a dream cme true which Dhoni had proved himself... N we all love him n da bike too... Boom boommmmmm



Harley Davidson


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