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  1. 5 Amazing Video Games Every Petrolhead Must Try

5 Amazing Video Games Every Petrolhead Must Try

20th December 2016
5 Amazing Video Games Every Petrolhead Must Try

We all love video games and if they have got cars in them then much better. Doesn’t matter if you are a Xbox, PC or Playstation fanboy, there are some car video games that go beyond the platform and capture our minds forever. The love of speed, thrill of chase, adventure of completing a mission and the perverse satisfaction of destroying things just for the heck of it, all of these things make video games such a massive force to reckon with.

Who doesn’t love driving their own Ferrari’s, creating their own empires and hanging out with the hottest babes. If not in real life, then at least in video games the fantasies are alive. Let us drive down into the alleys of gaming world and see the most sought after car based video games ever:

Need For Speed

Undoubtedly the most famous car based video game ever, the Need For Speed series has been on every gamer’s machine. Having captured our imagination since 1994, it is unabashedly one of the most successful EA titles ever. Getting it’s name from the famous 80’s movie Top Gun, NFS is the most successful gaming titles in the world with over 150 million copies sold worldwide. The premise of the NFS series has been simple; participate in a race, win races to score points and unlock cars and tracks. The first NFS title was created by a little know game studio called Distinctive Studio from Vancouver, Canada. From BMW to Acura, it has all the brands a car lover could ask for. NFS has captured hollywood’s attention as well, having been made into a mainstream movie.

source - You Tube

Gran Turismo

Exclusively available on Playstation, Gran Turismo aka GT is a critically acclaimed series which boasts of a large number of original licensed vehicles. Since its debut in 1997, over 70 million copies of GT have been sold worldwide, establishing itself as a brand to reckon with. The best part about this series has been its ability to simulate real life scenarios with licensed real vehicle, actual car sounds, excellent graphics and very close to real life car simulations and physics. Since it is exclusively on Sony Playstation, it makes real good use of the platforms excellent processing capabilities. Xbox fans and loyalist might not agree completely!

source - You Tube

Grand Theft Auto

The most badass car game in this list, Grand Theft Auto aka GTA is not really a car racing game. It’s an action adventure madcapper video game dedicated to cities and all one can do in a city. From killing pedestrians. to plotting for robbing a gangster’s nightclub, GTA lets you be wild and crazy without any limits. Published by Rockstar games, GTA is a cult classic in which one can drive any car, ride a cycle, fly a helicopter and even use a parachute to escape hollywood style. Launched in 1997, GTA series become the cult classic after GTA 3 was released. It is also one of the most controversial video games ever, having had lawsuits filed against the makers multiple times. A lot of crazy murders and mass shooters have apparently attributed their actions to GTA.

source - You Tube

Crazy Taxi

This one is a classic arcade game having first captured our imaginations back in 1999. Published by Sega, Crazy Taxi is an score attack racing game, in which the protagonist is a taxi driver. One earn points to ferry passengers and doing crazy stunts while dropping them off. The gameplay design was much acclaimed for its ease of use and difficulty of mastering it. The taxi driver has to get best times to earn points, before a clock runs out. Its gameplay has been called deceptively complex by IGN game reviewers, upping its critical acclaim in the nerd world. Though it was launched as an arcade game, Crazy Taxi has been ported to major gaming platforms in the world.

Forza Motorsport

As the name suggests, Forza Motorsport is a hardcore racing video game. Published by Microsoft for Xbox, it boasts of 230 cars from Audi R8 to Enzo Ferrari. It is a famous car racing simulation game with excellent in-game physics and close to real life gameplay. Each car runs inside the game as close as it would in real life, using metrics like the real life car’s weight, drag, engine power etc. It is touted as the most real console video game ever created. That is more than enough for you to get this one? Okay here is something to nudge you to buy this game, right away.

source - You Tube


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