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  1. 5 Most Badass Races In the World

5 Most Badass Races In the World

08th December 2016
5 Most Badass Races In the World

All gasoline junkies like speed racing & burning rubber. The thrill of speeding at astronomical speeds on race tracks is a rush all petrolheads dream of the day in and day out. Quote from the 1971 classic Vanishing Point sums it up nicely:

Best-race-tracks-6 source - wikipedia

Without further ado, let us show you the dopey and most badass race tracks of the world.

#5 Baja 1000

Our first race is arguably the most controversial and wild entry. Baja aka Baja 1000 is every offroaders dream come true. Organised in the Mexico Peninsula called Baja, it is open to a lot variety of vehicles, from motorbikes to trucks and custom mean machines. The first Baja race was in 1967, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Baja aka Baja 1000 source - wikipedia

The wildest thing about this race is sabotaging of the course by the spectators. Yeah, you read it right! Spectators in the remote sections of the course have known to create booby traps, obstacles, and jumps, mainly for their own entertainment. The only fashion and swagger on this course are crashes, which make it a really dangerous racing event.

#4 Twenty-Four Hours of Le Mans

24 hours of Le Mans is one of the most grueling races in the world. Held annually near the town of Le Mans in France since 1923, it is considered to be world’s oldest active endurance racing event. The circuit of the race is called Circuit De La Sarthe that consists of public roads that are open throughout the year to the general public.

Twenty-Four Hours of Le Mans source - wikipedia

This race goes on for 24 hours putting the cars under pressure and testing their racing endurance. From 2012, it has become part of the FIA World Endurance Championship. This is a legendary race inspiring 24-hour racing events to pop up across the world. This race track has tested patience and resilience of most seasoned drivers in the world. A lot of people have lost their lives here, including 83 spectators who died in a fatal crash in 1955 after which Mercedes team retired from racing till 1989. This crash is considered to be the world’s most fatal accident in motorsports.

#3 Dakar Rally

Formerly known as the Paris- Dakar rally, the Dakar rally is so controversial and dangerous that its location was shifted from the earlier course of Paris-Senegal to South America because of the security threats. The Dakar is a freestyle, off roading endurance event open to professionals as well as amateurs.

In fact, as many as 80 percent of the participants are amateurs, certifying it as one of the most dangerous rallies in the world.

Dakar Rally source - wikipedia

This rally usually have a course that runs over 10,000kms in length with an average each day course length of 800-900kms! A lot of people die during the race and at times many of them are not the participants in it. Even the name of the rally invokes mixed feeling with a sense of danger.

# 2 Nürburgring

Nürburgring aka The Green Hell is one of the wildest race track in the world. Situated in a West German town called Nurburg, this track features more than 150 turns. The first race took place in 1927 and interestingly featured bikes. This track features two sections called the North Loop (Nordschleife) and the South Loop (Südschleife) which were combined together to form the full track.

Nürburgring aka The Green Hell source - wikipedia

The full track has been disabled since it was considered to be too dangerous for the F1 cars of the time. Now the Nordschleife has been refurbished in accordance with the FIA’s safety guidelines. Now f1 teams from Ferrari to Mclaren ply on this track to hunt for the ultimate f1 rush.

#1 Isle Of Man

Biker’s from around the world worship the Isle of Man and consider it to be the world's most dangerous and revered race track. Situated on the beautiful Isle of Man, a self-governing crown dependency, it features the deadliest curves for any racing event in the world. See for yourself!

The Isle of Man track is a race track that mainly consists of public roads, which are closed during the racing event. Since the race happens on normal roads, the risk levels are very high. A total of 261 people have died here between 1907 to 2015. Bikes from brands like BMW and Ducati are custom made for tracks like the Isle, becoming one with their superbike existence. This race includes one week of practice sessions and one week of hardcore motorbike racing. Every speed junkie’s paradise, Isle of Man TT is undoubtedly the most dangerous and sought after racing event in the world.



Most Badass Races World

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