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  1. Bahubali star Prabhas's Exotic Car Collection

Bahubali star Prabhas's Exotic Car Collection

08th June 2017
Bahubali star Prabhas's Exotic Car Collection

Bahubali breaks all records. The top grosser film of 2017 has earned over Rs 1000 Crores in just 10 days in all languages. Simply Amazing !

source - 25cineframes

And what to say of Prabhas, the hero of this grand epic, who dedicated four years of hard work to this film.

Word has it that the actor was so committed to Bahubali that he refused endorsements and other movies and worked hard on his physique during this period. The stupendous success has proved it.

The only South Indian Actor to have a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong has truly made him an icon of all sorts.

As Prabhas has rightly said” One Bahubali is equal to hundred films”, the launch of India’s heaviest rocket aptly named Bahubali is proof of the popularity and success that this blockbuster movie enjoys.

A peep into his exotic garage shows him to be an ardent lover of luxury cars and we take utmost pleasure in describing each of them for you:-

Jaguar XJL

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered”

“Show class, have pride and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself”

A legendary automotive brand which has conquered a million hearts while being a perfect epitome of class, panache and finesse. Be spellbound by the grace of the famed ‘leaping cat’ badge as Jaguar, the all -time favorite British car manufacturer, announces its arrival in grand style.

source - blogspot

One vehicle from Jaguar’s stable that really catapults emotions is the flagship XJL. Even our famed South Indian actor Prabhas was head over heels in love with the beauty of the colossal XJL and surely made it a part of his ever popular exotic garage.

The XJL exhibits an unsurpassed grandeur with its gigantic and huge dimensions courtesy the menacing face upfront together with the wide mesh radiator grille and Jaguar’s ostentatious headlamp eyeshot.

The coupe like roofline merging with the boot makes for a delightful sight along with the magnificent 19 inch Toba alloy wheels doing a whole spectacle.

The side view is a perfect blend of sportiness and elegance. The rear end with the bold leaping cat signage and dramatic styling raises the X factor quotient considerably.

Raise your excitement levels as Jaguar XJL’s futuristic and tech savvy cabin is ready to thrill you. The attention to detail levels for the interior setup is simply amazing and entices one to the fullest.

The high quality leather material incorporated on the seats makes the occupants feel regal and royal.

A host of goodies too are available to keep the car enthusiasts engaged such as the JaguarDrive Selector which rises from the centre console on pressing the start/stop engine button and the entire mechanism is extremely beguiling waiting to be tried again and again.

The rear seat experience is unmatched with its opulence and cocooning comfort and truly makes one feel regal and privileged.

source - youtube

The XJL gets a big heart in the form of a bellwether 3litre V6 diesel engine that churns out a massive 275 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. A slight dab on the throttle is proof enough of its blistering surge of power that transcends one’s driving experience to a whole new level. A pliant cruiser, the Jaguar XJL possesses immense capability to come across as an agile and energetic performer.

The leaping cat surely strikes a chord with its ardent brand lovers with Prabhas being one of them and the actor’s unprecedented love for Jaguar is a proof of his successful ownership experience with the car.


source - team-bhp

“Some days, nothing really beats a good drive”

This quote truly epitomizes a person’s wishful stint with a BMW. A fantasy ride for many car enthusiasts, the BMW takes the crown for being a leader when it comes to sheer driving pleasure and class leading dynamics and agility.

A short stint with the BMW is sure to add to the frenzied excitement of an individual and what better than the macho X5 SUV.

The South Indian Actor is a proud owner of the previous generation (codenamed E70) of the X5 SUV and loves every bit of it while cruising around the city. Joy simply has no substitute when a BMW makes your day in true Bavarian style

source - dieselstation

The X5’s chiseled exterior styling along with a no nonsense simplistic interior cabin layout is indeed a perfect hit with BMW enthusiasts.

source - team-bhp

The gigantic X5 indeed rules the roost when it comes to uncompromised performance, conveyed perfectly by a mighty 3litre V6 diesel motor doing honors under its hood.

source - youtube

The big heart churns out 235bhp along with 520Nm of torque mated to an energetic 6 speed automatic gearbox.

BMW’s tagline of sheer driving pleasure is reaffirmed when one experiences the ballistic surge of power from the X5’s monstrous engine.

It further raises the bar with its class leading agility and dynamics that truly set it apart from the competition.

Joy gets an all new meaning when one has an eventful tryst with the BMW and the South Indian Actor has indeed found a life- long companion in the X5 that gives him a high when he drives it.

Rolls Royce Phantom

“Build something that outlives you”

The all-time favorite British luxury automotive brand, Rolls Royce is the pinnacle for ultimate luxury and sophistication.

The brand is revered worldwide for outlasting all timelines along with propagating the English heritage and culture.

Its famed product portfolio beckons one to appreciate years of dedication and hard work to churn out the best four wheel models that have indeed scripted a chapter in the history books.

The one model from the Rolls Royce stable that garners tremendous respect and admiration from ardent brand lovers and car enthusiasts is undoubtedly the enormous and majestic Phantom, a car that imbibes every bit of Rolls Royce technical know- how and acumen.

The Rolls being a symbol of success and glory, is a dream to own and for Prabhas, fantasy turned into reality when he finally made Phantom a part of his ever growing exotic garage.

The Phantom’s gigantic exterior beholds a person and be it any angle, one is surely going to admire the craftsmanship and artistic bent of mind of the English engineers.

The beauty of the large chrome finished radiator grille to the colossal side length and the historic design of the alloy wheels indeed look commendable and make the car duly stand out amongst the other tech savvy and ostentatious luxury vehicles on the road.

The Phantom truly knows how to pamper the occupants and keeping this in mind, the folks at Rolls Royce have given all attention to minutest of details. Amazing isn’t it! The dashboard incorporates one of the finest wood materials thereby raising the opulence factor.

The seats ensconce you in extreme comfort and style during a long fanciful trip. The rear seat arrangement with a host of bells and whistles along with the customization options is truly an icing on the cake.

source - youtube

The colossal Phantom gets a huge 6.75L, V12, Longitudinal engine that puts out 460 bhp and 720 Nm of torque mated to a six speed automatic transmission.

The bucket loads of power indeed makes its presence felt when one is in a mood to extract some serious fun from this car.

A slight dab on the throttle sends the Phantom surging ahead with utmost urgency, accomplished in the most civil and sophisticated manner.

source - team-bhp

The Phantom, being the epitome of supreme grandeur and extravagance while on the move, serves to be one of the most discerning pliant cruisers in city and day to day traffic and it is simply amazing the way it hides all of that immense power under the hood. One of the most sought after frenzied possessions of the South Indian Actor that truly portrays his affections for the royal British Car maker.

It just goes to show how hard work, dedication and commitment yields desired results. Bahubali has surely conquered our minds and hearts. Here’s wishing Prabhas all the best and hope he delivers more Bahubali like epics in the future.

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vivek king

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