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  1. German Monsters

German Monsters

22nd December 2015
German Monsters

Few days back I was tasked to find the ideal road trip vehicle for an 8 to 10 hours journey, my first thought were comfort and fuel saving. Another important point that had to be kept in mind was space because of the multiple passengers and their week long luggage. So, my options were limited. Then it hit me.

The Audi Q7 TDI Quattro, Comfort? Check. Fuel efficient? Yes Sir. Plenty of space? Check.

Unlike the most veterans the Audi Q7 isn't slowing down with age. The car moves like never before with the 3.0 L, V6 engine under the hood. If you prefer to have extra fuel economy and driving range it continues to offer the TDI turbo diesel V6 engine. And like as ever luxurious cabin with comfortable seating is quite desirable for the long or short trips.

The Audi Q7 has set the benchmark as the best luxury SUV in the country and with this powerful diesel engine the company continues to offer its customers a sporty and sophisticated product. The all-wheel drive car continues to give a good off-road experience and is highly recommended for the people who want to go anywhere for Recreation, Sports or Business.


German Monsters

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