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  1. Autonomous Cars: The Next Breakthrough In The Automobile Industry

Autonomous Cars: The Next Breakthrough In The Automobile Industry

16th October 2015
Autonomous Cars: The Next Breakthrough In The Automobile Industry

Great news for auto enthusiasts, the much awaited Autonomous cars are no longer a dream. They are real now and no more just in the realm of science fiction and the day when you see them on roads, maybe sooner than you think. Autonomous or automated cars are also known as driverless, self-driving and robotic cars have been in the pipeline as the next big thing in Automobiles. The computation and sensing capabilities are so highly designed by the engineers of the automobile industry that they can sense their surroundings and operate themselves without any human interventions.

In the 21st century, technology has reached such a level that everything has become computerised. Whether it's a car or any other handheld or computer device, everything has a computer driven interface to control or guide it along its way. High-end car brands such Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, etc have jumped onto this bandwagon by employing tech-savvy engineers to make use of autonomous technology and provide the consumers with the best possible car driving experience.

So what is the concept behind autonomous cars, and why is it getting so much press ?

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to sense the surroundings by making use of cutting-edge technology such as radars, GPS, computer vision, etc. This technology aims to increase the safety aspect while driving super luxurious cars thereby nullifying any scope of on-road accidents. The advanced technology incorporated in these autonomous vehicles ensures appropriate identification of the navigation parts by interpreting sensory information such as signages, the road milestones, the surrounding environment and more. And with the help of the internet, these automated vehicles get updated on a regular basis thanks for the integrated on board maps.

For the time being , these cars are only available as prototypes. Before launching these cars, the engineers are still working on getting them polished and with as much advanced technology as possible. Especially since automated systems are building blocks that are responsible for keeping the passengers safe and navigating the car safely. Autonomous vehicles have control systems that are embedded into the artificial intelligence of these cars, that are capable of sensing and identifying various problems in advance to save lives. Technical teams are also working on their sensory systems that never lose track even in the changing environmental conditions.

This is not just any random technology, there have been a lot of research, implications and trials done before concluding on to any result hence such technology can be a big social and economic boon. By making use of such a technology the automobile industry can be transformed into something more prominent just like smartphones are going smarter, likewise the auto industry is also taking things to next level and making things more comfortable, safer, environment friendly for car lovers.

Here are some basic advantages and disadvantages of these superfast mean machines that are intelligent enough to drive you to your destination.

Advantages of automated vehicles:

As these vehicles will be taking over the market in the upcoming years, there would be many benefits for the people driving in them.

  • 1. The number of accidents and collision would be reduced in large numbers.
  • 2. You would not face any more heavy traffic jams.
  • 3. Less pollution or no pollution.
  • 4. Better emergency handling systems (as no emotional interference)
  • 5. Management and tracking would be simply easy and fast.

Disadvantages of automated vehicles:

As we all know, everything comes with a price of risks, nothing in this world has freedom from risks. Hence, there are some heavy risks that are possible in automated machines.

  • 1. Technical issues, that can take place any time; after all it's a machine.
  • 2. System crashes are also possible.
  • 3. Hacking is a major issue due to software-based automated systems
  • 4. The possibility of disasters is also there.


Right now, this is just the first step forward towards an improvement which could rapidly turn into an avalanche. Around two years ago, the concept of automated vehicles were broadly viewed as unrealistic; on the other hand, at present it is clear that it is now a matter of couple of years and you would be driving them on the roads without any hesitations. At this time, the perspective is still irresistible that self-driving innovation will do little to change the way of autos and the way of versatility.

In any case, a more intensive look uncovers that the innovation will prompt key change from cars that are owned to the cars that will be servicing you and will save on the usage of fossil fuel energies and will fully use electrical energy. These central changes open many doors. Right now is an ideal opportunity to take them.


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