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  1. Audi A8L W12: Bestowed Elegance

Audi A8L W12: Bestowed Elegance

14th November 2017
Audi A8L W12: Bestowed Elegance

The dawn catapults an unprecedented royal Excalibur feeling and sensation!

Audi A8L W12

New hopes, desires and endeavors behold yet another exciting start that promises a lot in store for the aspiring.

Audi A8L W12

And as with the tradition of self-motivating and boosting together with mirroring the ideal personality of yours, the Audi A8L curbs the shadow of darkness and propels a definite unequivocal impression which is simply unmatched.

A moment of tranquility with the four ringed work of perfection is a reflection of the inner self, for the German Maestro brings out the best within you along with portraying your signature style.

It surely leaves a sparkling trail on your senses.

Audi A8L W12

Subtle and sophisticated, a shade of underlining elegance and persona is embodied flawlessly in its character that bestows the ‘Best Looker’ tag in its segment.

Audi A8L W12

It’s stylish and elongated (a thought coming to your mind on the first glimpse) stature is an exemplification of fine sculpted and thoughtful lines engraved with utmost care and precision that outlines the A8L’s uncompromising and resolute nature with all honesty.

Audi A8L W12

For a second you come to a standstill and your awestruck expression with adoration aptly says it that how the A8L triumphs in subjugating you with its meritorious streak of being different and distinctive.

Audi A8L W12

Save the ecstatic moment as you admire the dazzling and resplendent Matrix LED lights which indulge you further courtesy their trendsetter tag of being showstoppers.

“Because the A8L has been tailor made for you”!

Audi A8L W12

Enter the world of extravagance and lavishness as the flagship Audi offers a living room scenario with its matchless, unequalled and tech savvy intuitive cabin setup.

Audi A8L W12

Behold yourself to the precise functioning of the hi-fi tech gadgetry on offer that complements your worthy stay no end.

Audi A8L W12

The A8L’s cabin experience is a soother of all sorts that refreshes and stimulates you for the day’s work at the office. From the crisp sound of the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System to an unwinding and enlivening feeling from the vitalizing massage (the mouthwatering supplement mentioned in Audi's brochure, truly!) and to the extra communicative and user friendly Multi Media Interface, the Audi has got just about everything to outshine the contenders for your everyday preferred ride option.

Audi A8L W12source - wallpapercave

It is time for the numbers game to show up!

The fantasized picture which strikes you!

“The A8L’s depiction of beastly and demonic character is a touch away as you assume a Frank Martin genre role from the Transporter movie to get things moving quickly and steadily.”Swivel and swing it around with force and authority and it doesn’t complain or sweat like a horse after having gone through some spirited driving.

source - you tube

And that’s when you begin to praise the all- time legendary Quattro four wheel drive technology that ensures excellent and exceptional grip and traction levels for the energetic trials of hard cornering.

The Dynamic Steering on the hot optional list truly acts as a boon weighing up perfectly according to the varied driving situations.
It’s a delight to hold and doesn’t require much effort to get a firm grip on it, for the novice as well.

source - you tube

And when you’ve got a gigantic 6.3 W12 engine under the hood that is party to a hefty 500 PS of raw power and mind boggling 625 Nm of torque, every adventure with the A8L seems more promising and exciting than ever before.

Audi A8L W12

The boost to the occasion comes with the ready and willing 8 speed tiptronic box that munches miles with its aggressive and spot on gear shifting and never leaves you wanting for more in the middle of a zealous journey.

A sudden surge and thrust of power beguiles you even further that shows up with all its prowess and velocity! Impressive and purposeful, the A8L scintillating 0-100 acceleration run of 4.7 seconds is akin to gratification and contentment and watching it sail to its top speed of 250km/h communicates its potency to surpass all horizons.

Audi A8L W12

Modifying the A8L’s soul and personality via the Audi Drive Select is the foremost attraction, as you choose between a cultivated and a matured saloon cruising leisurely on the streets (comfort mode) to the vigorous Dynamic Mode that renders the flagship to showcase a frenzied and intense deluge of power.

From where did that come? Heads scratching!

Jeepers! Was it on a prizewinning run to have the supercars in a fit of suspicion?

Answer that!

Savoring a taste of A8L's dexterity will leave you stunned, seeing its ever adaptable nature in the auto mode, while.....while the Individual mode is akin to a royal throne on your head that lets you have a hand on the specific parameters resulting in a grand shade of baronial glory.

Full on excitment for the enthusiasts!

An efficiency mode for the frugal heads gets things calmed down a bit with a basic setup for all the above mentioned parameters. Cool!
There’s another interesting German expertise on offer!

In comes a solid gold raving over for the canny Adaptive Air Suspension that's a hit with your sanctioned preferring.


Audi’s novel pre sense basic acts as a watchdog and initiates pre-emptive safety measures in the event of an accident by working on the seat belt tensioners, hazard warning lights along the sunroof and windows precisely to avoid any sort of mishap for the passengers.

The optional night vision assistant with its fastidious mechanism of detecting pedestrians via projecting a thermal image on the driver’s information system speaks volumes of Audi’s commitment to safe driving. The manner in which it averts a potential danger of an accident and keeps the driver alert in precarious situations is worth reckoning.
That’s not all!

Audi A8L W12source - akamaihd

The pick of the lot Heads up Display from the extras list is a treat for the eyes. From displaying the speed to the navigational messages and warnings, the multi colored and height adjustable display layout makes it a more tempting and an inviting affair.

Audi A8L W12

The A8L seems as a communicable robotic customized machine that senses your moods and desires, delivers appropriately and wins your undying affection. Truly Vorsprung Durch Technik!


Audi A8L, Audi A8L W12

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