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  1. A thinker's favourite hobby : BBT Jigsaw puzzle

A thinker's favourite hobby : BBT Jigsaw puzzle

27th February 2018
A thinker's favourite hobby : BBT Jigsaw puzzle

“Meriting a wholehearted synchrony of the dexterous grey cells and agile hands, it was something that proved to be the spectacular singular for the little ones in their quest to woolgather a world of the extraordinary.”

The days of the childhood were lively and corybantic which saw an awakening of the sharp as a tack being within us that was a definite flea in the ear for possessing the “strong emotion and affiliation” for that one thing which even made the elders sit up and take notice of the amazing fact.

BBT Jigsaw puzzle

It wasn’t out of the blues!

Rather a steadfast approach from the very beginning was the sole justification for your meritorious spectacle that eventually was the building block for the inherent passion and love developed over time.

If we say cars, you’ll have to agree that they proved to be the perfect escape route and diversion for the blossoming young minds who strived to have almost every technical specification detail up their sleeve, whether be the BHP figures of a Ferrari or the top speed of a Lamborghini.

BBT Jigsaw puzzle

And to involve oneself in building the kingdom and heaven of supercars, well that is prelude to the puissant attribute of knowing how to start from scratch and summing it up confidently.

Ah! That required whole lot of attention and “being in the midst of”, like a challenging chess game.

Jigsaw puzzle

“It’s always the small pieces that make a big picture.”
Yet another entity of gratification from Big Boy Toyz for the ace offspring known as the BBT Jigsaw Puzzle which proudly says “complete the house of supercars” is an unswerving pictorial night representation of the showroom segregated into 56 pieces, with each fragment propagating the “hooked on” phenomenality till the end.
Few minutes of start and you realize that……. Big Boy Toyz is a mastermind’s creation that is home to some of the most renowned automobile brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Maserati and the like to have an unparalleled inventory of cars to get your interest going.

The repetitive dialogues and heads scratching say it all, oh, where will this come?

BBT Jigsaw puzzle

Is this the top most part? Did I have to fit in the Jaguar’s front end here?
This blue colored car looks familiar, it can be placed here!
Well some help and guidance from the veteran members in the family will help you to master the finely moves so as to bring down the time on the stop watch (that’s a self -generated feeling of doing will in the subconscious mind)!
If you know the supercars well, then having a well-defined perception of every nook and corner of the 36000 square feet showroom known as Big Boy Toyz can surely be your birthright in true honesty.

BBT Jigsaw puzzle

Its sticker price of rupees 199/- is a proceeding for the many young budding talents who wish to usher in their undying passion for cars each day when they have a hearty look at the enormous showroom on the puzzle.
“Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter choice.”
It can take you places.

For the early beginners, the BBT Jigsaw puzzle serves as the ultimate motivation catapulting their get up and go instigation to do wonders one day and relive every rapturous moment from where all it started.
Bestowing a memorabilia status to one of your “held in high esteem” belonging, the BBT Jigsaw puzzle, is a sure shot “put into effect” facet for the earn wingers discerningly.
“Life isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle, it is about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together”.

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Product Details
Includes: 1 puzzle
Size: 38 cm x 28.6 cm
Quantity: 1 Unit
Pieces: 56
Price: Rs.199 + 70 Rs (Shipping charges in india)


BBT Jigsaw puzzle

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I had wonderful experience with bbt


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