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  1. 9 Car Ads To Blow your Mind

9 Car Ads To Blow your Mind

06th December 2016
9 Car Ads To Blow your Mind

Consider paying attention to the ad breaks while watching your favorite TV commercial? We bet many of you don’t. It’s pretty obvious as who would like to focus on the advertisements that are just there to make monies. But when it comes to cars’ commercials, rarely a petrolhead would take his/her off from the TV screen.

Creativity when merged with beauty results in something magical, which can be funny sometimes, but it always has a long lasting effect on the viewer. Here we have segregated some of the best car commercials of all time that you will never wanna miss:

Audi – The Witty in Town

Seems like Audi never misses taking a jibe on its rivals, though in a healthy way! We all know the popular banner war between Audi and BMW in the beautiful city of US, Santa Monica. Audi has always maintained a healthy relationship with its peers in terms of competition but sometimes things always don’t go right. Something similar happened with this ad that was BANNED from being aired. Want to know why? Go and have a look yourself!

Sorry – Word that Doesn’t Exist in Mercedes-Benz’s Dictionary

Nothing to boast about but we all are aware how particular Mercedes-Benz is about its magical control, exceptional braking power and other technically advanced features. Another thing that makes this German carmaker the favorite of all is its pick of ads. Take any of its commercials and you will be enthralled. But this ad will force you to watch it twice, thrice, in fact, multiple times, such is its charm. Don’t believe us? Watch and decide then!

Volkswagen – The Force

Volkswagen is another car brand that is very particular about its commercials. It knows how, where and when to touch the emotional part of homo-sapiens. This super bowl commercial, popularly known as “The Force”, gives a humorous touch to the remote start feature of the car. The little boy dressed as Darth Vader, on the verge of exploring his force, tried every possible tactic, but all went in vain. However, at the end of the ad, the kid finally found his lost power. How? Explore the video!

Mercedes-Benz & Jaguar – The War is not OVER

“Upside down boy, you turn me, Inside out And round and round”

Remember this song by Diana Ross? Well, Mercedes has kind of changed the purpose of this song through its chicken ad and what makes it more interesting is the Jaguar’s witty pick on it. The most unique and hilarious ads war one might have ever witnessed!

Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have always shown perfection in their every commercial and when it comes to direct competition, both are unbeatable. Right from its products to its ads, where Mercedes knows how to play the cards, Jaguar, on the other hand, knows how to turn the favor on its side. Well, we won’t spoil the fun by spilling the beans here. Go and watch the fun commercial war between Mercedes and Jaguar to unravel the mystery.

Porsche – Old Memories are PRICELESS

When nostalgia hits hard, it becomes difficult to resist and when it comes to the remembrance of your schooldays, nothing can beat the chart. In fashion since 1963’s autumn, Porsche 911 has covered a long journey of changes but the concept remained unaltered. This Porsche commercial has revived the old golden memories of the three friends who have shared a lot of passions in common. And guess who joined them in their journey? Find out!

Lamborghini Aventador – Unveil the Power

The Italian car manufacturer has always created a space apart among the crowd and its popularity is sufficient enough to define the success of each of its product. Like its kids, the advertisements of Lamborghini are impactful too. And testing the endurance of Aventador was never so much fun before! Check it out on your own!

MINI – Car for those who Don’t Believe in Labels

Have you ever witnessed Serena Williams labeling a car that would suit her personality? Well, sarcasm is the hit on all the evil practices our society follows among which labeling things based on ones gender or personality is one. MINI doesn’t care what you call it, as it is the car designed for car lovers and not labelers. Enjoy the commercial!

Hyundai – The Car for First Date

Like a father is always concerned about his daughter and keeps a vigilant eye on the guys she meets, a car fanatic is nothing different. And what would happen if a concerned father turns out to be a car aficionado too? Disastrous it would be – not for you but for the guy who is dating his daughter and at the same time driving his Hyundai?

Toyota Prius – The HUNT is ON

This super commercial from the house of Toyota seems to have taken the chase to a different level. One of the longest commercials to hit the ground, this ad will leave you aghast seeing the longest hunt ever. What’s more interesting is the fact that the car turns the thieves into ardent car-lovers. We too didn’t believe at first!



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