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600LT (2017-2019) India
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600LT (2017-2019) India Key Specifications

McLaren 600LT Coupe is a special edition car where performance is dialled up to 11 and weight has been reduced significantly over the McLaren 570S Coupe it is based on. LT stands for Long Tail but here it is barely any longer than a sports car it is based on, it much stands for lightweight bits, increased power and torque figures, reduced performance figure and increased sheer excitement. McLaren 600LT is powered by a 3.8-Litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine punching out 600PS / 592BHP of power and 620NM of torque sending power to the rear wheels via 7-Speed dual clutch automatic transmission supported by the latest electronic chassis aids. 0-100kmph timing is dropped by 0.3sec from 3.2sec to 2.9sec and flat out it will do 328kmph top speed. McLaren 600LT packs the emotions behind the steering wheel, interiors are stripped out, race car inspired exterior aerodynamics, lighter engine internals, carbon fibre body work, lighter con-rod, lighter forged alloy wheels, titanium exhaust system comes standard for eviscerating soundtrack. In the USA, McLaren 600LT Coupe retails at $240,000. Considering the high import duties in India and US dollar exchange rates in Nov 2020, the local price calculation ends at Rs 5.69 crore before options.

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  • Speed Convertible, Coupe, Sports
  • HP 3799cc
  • Speed V8
  • Speed 2 Seater
  • MPG Petrol
  • Speed Top speed 328

600LT (2017-2019) All Variants

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600LT (2017-2019) review
About 600LT (2017-2019)

McLaren 600LT Coupe features

McLaren 600LT Coupe is a striped race car for the road and comes with following features: At front it has got a revised front bumper featuring angular air passages on either side channeling out the air towards the side optimizing the air efficiently for better aerodynamics and reduces the co-drag efficiency. The provides much needed front end stability and generates downforce for hard straight line acceleration and to cater the corners efficiently. Side profile features the McLaren’s iconic frameless de-hydral doors with air passage that channels out the side air into the massive air intake situated right before the rear quarter panel area. The McLaren 600LT is some 100kgs lighter compared to the supercar it is based on which is McLaren 570S. These weight saving measures are achieved with lighter stainless steel exhaust systems that exit out up ahead the rear decklid with two circular exit pipes facing upwards. It exits out flames when driving in optimum conditions. Front redesigned splitter, rear revised single piece carbon fibre diffuser, stripped out alcantara interiors, lighter engine internals, interior carpet deletion, radio and GPS navigation deletion, Air conditioning deletion and lightweight forged alloy wheels all combines to save 100kgs of unwanted wright from the vehicles’ kerb weight. More power, less weight and race ready Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires results in brutal acceleration from 0-100kmph in just 2.9sec. McLaren 600LT comes with 19-inch multi spoke forged alloy wheels which are not only lighter and saves around 19kgs of unsprung mass combining all corners but comes fitted with the most profound track tires available from Pirelli which is a Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires at all four corners with mixed profile tires including a narrower profile at front and a beefier rear profile tires for better rear end stability. Making a superar go fast is one thing and making it to half as efficiently as it gains speed is another challenge. For braking performance McLaren 600LT comes fitted with 398mm Carbon Ceramic Brake disc at front with 6-Piston Calipers and at the rear is a pair of 380mm Carbon Ceramic Brake disc with 4-Piston Calipers at the rear. Roof is made out of lighter composite material which lowers the centre of gravity and improves the weight balance. Rear profile has been given a complete overhaul with revised rear diffuser made out of carbon fibre, this massive piece is made out of a single piece of carbon fibre which is distorted as exhaust tips has been shifted from rear bumper to rear decklid area. A beautiful pair of LED tail lights has been taken directly from theMcLaren 570S Coupe is one of the things that is unchanged on this track oriented road legal supercar. 

Interiors are completely stripped out from alcantara where headliner material is replaced from black textile. Driver zone features an alcantara trimmed carbon black three-spoke steering wheel which is an electro-hydraulic assisted unit comes packed with manually adjustable steering wheel for reach and rake. Steering column mounted paddle shifters are made out of carbon fibre which gives you the access to shift the gears manually of 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission which gives lighting fast upshifts and downshifts. The gear ratios has been cleverly optimised to switch in between the gears for faster track lap times. The instrument cluster is a fully digital 10-inch high definition colour display that offers multiple driving graphic displays depending upon the multiple driving modes McLaren 600LT has on offer. Entertainment package includes a 7-inch High definition touch screen portrait oriented display which is supported by a 4-speakers standard audio system which does the job efficiently and lowers the weight whereas the McLaren branded 8-speaker music system and a hi-fi Bowers and Wilkins surround sound system can be equipped as a part of optional extras. Since this is a track-oriented striped out racing machine - track telemetry system which comes with front camera, interior camera and the rear high definition camera can be used to record your lap times and can be transferred in a flash drive through USB ports available for media connectivity. A standard McLaren 600LT comes with a McLaren P1 style sports seats which hugs you in place quite comfortably while experiencing high G-Forces whereas the stripped out carbon fibre shelled seats which are just 8kgs a piece and save 21kgs compared to electrically assisted sports seats. These Carbon Fibre Shelled racing seats were first introduced with the McLaren Senna which is an hyper car with 800Ps and weighs less than 1200kg dry. These Sennesque seats can be equipped as a part of optional extras. As standard 2-Zone Climate system, cup-holders, sun visors, alcantara trimmed dashboard, 6-Airbags, ABS, EBD, TC, TPMS, BA, soft close doors, front and rear parking aids are a part of standard fitment list whereas track telemetry, reversing camera with adaptive guidance, ambient lighting package, carbon fibre interior inlays, roof-mounted air scoop can be equipped as a part of optional extras. 

McLaren 600LT Coupe Rivals

In India McLaren 600LT Coupe competes with Porsche 911 Turbo S, Lamborghini Huracan Evo, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Audi R8 V10 Performance, Aston Martin DB11 AMR, Jaguar F-Type V8 R

McLaren 600LT Coupe Colours

McLaren 600LT Coupe comes in the following colours: Silver whereas other special metallic shades and premium colour pallets are kept as a part of optional extras. 

McLaren 600LT Coupe Mileage

As per ARAI the claimed mileage for the McLaren 600LT Coupe is 8.19kmpl

McLaren 600LT Coupe Latest Updates

McLaren 600LT coupe comes with the latest generation of revised front splitter for better aerodynamic efficiency that guides the air throughout the underbody and towards the side. McLaren 600LT sits on the 19-inch forged alloy wheels which saves 15kgs of unsprung mass combining all-four corners. Rear profile features the latest generation of fixed lightweight carbon fibre rear spoiler which generates much needed downforce over the rear axle that not only improves cornering stability but efficiently makes for stable straight line acceleration. Rear decklid mounted twin-exhaust fire-spitting exhaust tips comes courtesy of a stainless steel exhaust system with shorter downpipes that makes for an overall weight savings of around 8kgs. 

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