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  1. History

The Timeline

BBT started in 2009 as a benchmark model for the Pre-Used, or how we prefer to see it as, Pre-Loved Car Brand. The mission was simple, direct and drove effect - delivering a new dimension of luxury while standardising & raising platforms for the used car market in India.

Since our inception our primary aim has been our passion for delivering excellence which became our mission. YOU (our patrons) are the driving force behind our company and making sure you get the best is what we thrive on.

2009 2018

It is our aim to make your dream of owning an exotic automobile a reality.


Big Boy Toyz is composed of a progressive team of professionals that strive to deliver exceptional service and leave each customer feeling like they truly are the “best” customer! The journey began in 2009 when BBT was founded in New Delhi, India. Since then our mission has been to provide quality exotic cars with highly personalized care at a competitive price. Creating a new benchmark for excellence in every aspect of our business.


At Big Boy Toyz our vision is to buy and sell modern cars that define quality and luxury for the 21st century. Applying our expertise in this industry, we aspire to transform the exotic car market, where cars are the ultimate expression of modern dynamism and luxury.

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