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Pagani India

The car atelier surpasses time, like an unrelenting wind.

The car atelier surpasses time, like an unrelenting wind.

Pagani Cars


61.69 - 83.04 Cr

5980 CC

140.56 Cr

5980 CC

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61.69 Cr

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66.06 Cr

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70.88 Cr

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About Pagani

Pagani is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1992. It is headquartered in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy. Horacio got his inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, he built his cars that are both engineering marvel and work of art. Pagani cars are designed to bring together art and science. Horacio Pagani managed Lamborghini’s composite department before it founded Pagani Composite Research in 1988. His new company helped Lamborghini in multiple projects such as restyling of the Lamborghini LM002, Countach 25th anniversary edition, P140 and Diablo. Pagani designed his first car in the late 1980s calling it the C8 project and later renaming it to Fangio F1. Though introduced as a young company with 25 years of experience; it prides itself as the world's greatest car designer and the factory of Horacio is more like a tailor’s atelier or an artist’s studio. Horacio Pagani, the owner has the experience of being in the engineering team of both Renault and Lamborghini; post which he decided to build his own models - Modena Design. His experience justifies the apt mix of engineering marvel and work of art portrayed in his models. For Horacio, it is not enough to build every component of the car with the absolute best materials, and make them achieve perfection in their performances; they must also be works of art, for instance the car logo is made of single titanium solid and hence takes complete 24 hours to build. It took 7 years to complete the first Pagani model and initiated the legacy of using their signature Carbotanium (patented composite material) and the unique variant of Carbon Fiber for this weave on their later extra strong and lightweight supercars. Tracing their timeline - starting with Zonda series, Huayra BC, Roadster and yet unique variants of the same; we now await C10. Pagani is much more than one gauges it to be as its decisions are backed by deep research and analysis, for Many months of study and CFD simulations have defined a shape that generates the maximum downforce for a car like the Huayra BC, yet maintaining the unmistakable language of the Pagani design. Pagani customers experience first of a kind ownership as the level of customisation has no bounds. Conclusively, Pagani's order books are full for the next three and a half years representing that the world is now with Pagani “ahead of time”.

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