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Audi Q2 India
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  • Ex-showroom price starts at
    ₹ 34.99 - 48.89 lakh
  • EMI Starts at
    / MONTHLY / Monthly
On-road price starts at ₹ 39.69 - 55.36 lakh ( Delhi )
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Audi Q2 India Key Specifications

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro is the much anticipated luxury SUV of the year. Audi India was teasing us with this launch since very long and finally after the BS6 transition from BS4, we have a slew of variants available in this luxury SUV. This is the most practical and most affordable luxury car that Audi have launched for Indian luxury car buyers. The entry-level variant is Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Standard which is priced at Rs 34.99 lakh ex-showroom India. All the variants are powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cyl Petrol engine which punches out 190ps / 187bhp of power and 320nm of torque which delivers power to all-four wheels via Audi’s patent QUATTRO - All wheel drive system, 7-speed S Tronic automatic transmission is vastly impressive to in putting down the power on Indian roads making this car accelerate from 0-100kmph in 6.5 sec and offers a top speed of 228kmph. The most favorable variant choice would be Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Premium Plus I which is priced at Rs 44.64 lakh ex-showroom India. The top model Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Technology is set to be priced at Rs 48.89 lakh ex-showroom India.

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  • Speed SUV
  • HP 1984cc
  • Speed In-Line 4-Cyl
  • Speed 5 Seater
  • MPG Petrol
  • Speed Top speed 228kmph

Audi Q2 All Variants

On road price ₹ 39.69lakh
Petrol 1984cc
On road price ₹ 41.38lakh
Petrol 1984cc
On road price ₹ 46.34lakh
Petrol 1984cc
On road price ₹ 50.58lakh
Petrol 1984cc
On road price ₹ 51.13lakh
Petrol 1984cc
On road price ₹ 55.36lakh
Petrol 1984cc

Audi Q2 Segment Comparison

Audi Q2

34.99 Lakh

Ex-Showroom price

39.50 LAKH

Ex-Showroom price

38.90 LAKH

Ex-Showroom price
Volvo XC40

41.25 LAKH

Ex-Showroom price
Indicative EMI: /Month
7.94 L 11.91 L 15.88 L 19.85 L 23.82 L 27.79 L 31.75 L 35.72 L 39.69 L
0L 3.97 L 7.94 L 11.91 L 15.88 L 19.85 L 23.82 L 27.79 L 31.75 L
Audi Q2

Delhi , India

  • Ex-showroom Price (incl. GST) ₹ 34,99,000.00
  • RTO ₹ 3,49,900.00
  • Insurance ₹ 94,200.00
  • TCS (0.75%) ₹ 26,242.00
  • On-Road Price ₹ 39,69,342.00

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Audi Q2 review
  • REVIEWED BY Sachin Raturi ON 17-March-2021

    Perfect car

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About Audi Q2

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Features 

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro comes with following features: LED Automatic Headlights on either side with LED daytime running lamps which are surrounded with grey finished hexagonal radiator grille at the centre with Audi logo at the centre. This grille works as an air intake to cool down the front engine bay. Front bumpers are of sports design which comes with the aluminium inserts around the front aprons. Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro sits on 17-inch 5-spoke star alloy wheels in lower variants and comes with 5-spoke V-style alloy wheels on top model technology and Premium Plus II variants. Both styles of wheels come wrapped in 215/55 R17 tubeless tires. Rear section is very smart and looks smart with a pair of LED taillamps with integrated fog lamps and indicators. Rear roof mounted fixed spoiler adds a sense of sportiness. Rear bumper is sporty and features sharp creases throughout the width of the bumper, the lower part of the bumper is blacked out with an added rugged feel. Interior is covered in Fabric for the lower variants and top two models are covered in Leatherate. Instrument cluster is all analogue for the base model and 12.3-inch fully digital display is introduced in higher variants which comes with various multiple display modes and it comes with Audi Virtual Display cockpit. Driver side zone features a multifunctional steering wheel with leather wrapped whereas the top two models come with a flat-bottom steering wheel with a pair of aluminium steering wheels mounted paddle shifters. 8.3-inch high definition display comes paired with audi music system with 4 speakers in base variants, 8 speaker music system comes with Premium and Premium Plus II variants and 10 speaker Audi Music System with 180 W of maximum output comes with Premium Plus I and Technology variants. Base variant misses out on sunroof, reversing camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS Navigation system, Audi Smartphone Interface but it comes standard with all the other variants. 2-Zone climate control system, ambient lighting system, electrically adjustable front seat, rear bench seat, 8-airbags, front and rear parking sensors, Auto Dimming IRVM, Bluetooth Connectivity for Handsfree & Audio Streaming, Parking aid Plus, Emergency Spare Wheel, 355 Litres of luggage space with power operated tailgate comes as a part of standard equipment list. 

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Variants

In India, Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro is available in 6 variants: Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Standard, Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Standard with Sunroof, Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Premium, Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Premium Plus I, Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Premium Plus II, Audi Q2 40 TFSI quattro Technology

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Colours

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro is available in following colours: Ibis White, Floret Silver, Tango Red, Quantum Gray, Nano Gray, Arabian Blue, Mythos Black

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Mileage

As per ARAI the claimed mileage for the Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro is 15.38kmpl

Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro Competitors

In India Audi Q2 40 TFSI Quattro competes with BMW X1, BMW 2 Series, Jaguar XE, Volvo XC40, Mini Clubman, Mini Cooper

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