Will the Electronic Phaeton Live up to its Promise?

Jan 01, 1970
Will the Electronic Phaeton Live up to its Promise?

Volkswagen Electronic Phaeton

Volkswagen has been low key since quite some time. However, of late, a lot of speculation has been surrounding the upcoming Phaeton. The firm has announced that this SUV is going to be an electrical one which has added to the hullabaloo around it. The company is doing all it can to add to the hype surrounding the Phaeton. The vehicle is to be released in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Right before its release, VW has been making some incredibly hot images public. These images sure look promising. As of now, VW has a Tiguan for a crossover. The Phaeton is apparently scaled a level below this one. The Tiguan has been doing great in the market and hence, the Phaeton has to be placed correctly against the Tiguan.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Car-interiors-with-clock Source:https://www.behance.net/

However, there are more rumors surrounding the Phaeton than just its images. To begin with, the US wants VW to manufacture its Electric Vehicles on their land. Why? The US says it's to balance out things after VW hurt its users in America by cheating on them. After the Diesel fiasco, this does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Yet, since Volkswagen has paid in reparation, they aren’t really obliged. Nonetheless, VW is definitely going to add to the fleet of Electric and Hybrid vehicles in the long run. It has indeed promised to put in as many resources as it can towards the production of EVs.

The Phaeton concept is so cool that it has also been borrowed by Bentley GT. The Bentley users are neither surprised nor complaining. One of the good things about the Phaeton though is that it falls into the category of affordable cars. Thus, while it is a luxury brand and functions like one, it isn’t priced sky high.

Bentley GT

Car-interiors-with-clock Source:https://www.behance.net/

It is definitely one of the cars to look forward to in the spectrum of green vehicles. There is no denying the fact that there have been Phaetons in the past that were quite some lookers. However, the new one is a fresh concept of Volkswagen and isn’t all that disappointing either. One would definitely be looking forward to it.

Some of the extra-ordinary things about this Phaeton are -

  • It has a 3.0 V6 engine.
  • 4Motion
  • Its wheel rim is of 17 inches.
  • Orifice Tube is of exceptional quality
  • Its motor parts are not just durable but also eminent.

Now, whether the Phaeton lives up to its promise or not, remains to be seen. The diesel version of the Phaeton has already been released in Beijing. Those who have used it are all gaga about the comfort, pick-up and smoothness of the car. It truly remains to be seen if the Electric Vehicle lives up to its promise at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

On a concluding note, the Volkswagen is to release its Electronic Phaeton which is surrounded by much speculation. While the diesel version has wowed the critics so far, whether the EV delivers on its promise or not, only the time will tell.

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