The Tesla Killer has Finally Arrived;Faraday Future Unveils Superfast Electric Car FF91

Jan 01, 1970
The Tesla Killer has Finally Arrived;Faraday Future Unveils Superfast Electric Car FF91

The year has just begun and the automobile world has already started to rumble. The game was started by Mercedes-Benz who released the teaser of its upcoming GLA facelift at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show. And now Faraday Future has taken it altogether to a different level. To cast off the doubts circulating in the market about the uncertain future of the carmaker, the company showcased its first production car at the ongoing CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Christened as FF91, it is touted to be a new species of superfast electric cars.

The self-driving electric car claims to be speedier than the Tesla Model S or by far any other such models currently in news.

According to Faraday’s Peter Savagian“We have developed the world’s greatest electric propulsion system.”

FF91-2source - cdn.bgr

Faraday Future has tamed its beast to deliver an acceleration of 0-60mph in just 2.39 seconds. It means a speed that can outrun gravity, though theoretically. With this, it might become the fastest electric supercar of the world, thus marking a new era of mobility. For your information, Tesla’s fastest model has performed the same in 2.5 seconds.

Before discussing the vehicle further, let’s check out the live demo of its self-parking ability:

source -YouTube

The company is planning to release its first model, the FF91, in 2018 for which the pre-orders might start this year with a refundable amount of $5,000. There is a gap of 1 year since the model was shown off as a future concept vehicle and this drew a whole lot of criticism from the audience present at that time, as the company failed to give clear idea about the concept it was working on.

FF91-2source -cnet

Talking about the exemplary functions of the FF91, the company claimed that owners will be able to connect to the vehicle through a virtual ‘FFID’ account. With this, it will become possible for them to share data, including route plans, movies, etc., with the car using their personal computers or smartphones. The array of sensors, which include radar, cameras, facial recognition and 3D Lidar, available in the car will make it an ‘intelligent entity’. The car will also come with high-speed in-built Internet facility, self-parking and a sunroof to enjoy the panoramic view outside.

One can charge the FF91 from various electrical standards and with a single charge the car can run 482 miles (775kms) with a standard speed of 55kmph. However, with adjusted EPA range, the car can run 372 miles per charge. The 130 kilowatt battery churns out a power of 1050hp alongside a torque of 783 kilowatts.

FF91-4source -insideevs

Seeing the increasing interest towards the electric vehicles, it can be assumed that by 2020, out of every 10 vehicles released, one would be an electric or hybrid one. It will be fun to watch how Tesla will respond to this move by Faraday, but as of now nothing official has been out from the former’s side.

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