The All New Pagani Huayra Roadster Teased; More Power in House

Nov 27, 2017
The All New Pagani Huayra Roadster Teased; More Power in House

You will not find Pagani shouting from the rooftops as many of its competitors do. The marque produces cars for select few connoisseurs of sports cars who appreciate only the best in the business. Pagani always believed in producing quality products that are way beyond anything that the closest competitors offer. This is the reason why Pagani comes in few hundred only (number of units not cost).

Recently, a few pictures of its upcoming model, Pagani Huayra Roadster are swirling around the Internet. Although, the specification of this beauty is still under wraps, the photos did create a storm among sports enthusiasts. And while there’s no official word on the roadster, we can safely assume a few things from its past models. The first thing would be the use of carbon fibre extensively to keep the Roadster light-weighted for better handling capability.

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The look of any Pagani model is one of its major USPs that makes it stand apart in a crowd and the new Roadster will be no exception. The new open-top Huayra is likely to have a flowing design, adhering to its name, which means the God of Hurricane, wind and fertilizing rain. The upcoming model is likely to continue the style of putting two flaps at the front and two at the back with wind inspired rolling design to give it the requisite aerodynamic feel to make it competitive for the fastest sports car list.

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The teaser shows the company has junked the V-shaped glass engine hood in favor of twin buttresses that also features finely sculpted scoops to keep the extremely powerful engine, cool. The teased images further hint that the designers have made several changes in its hardtop design to give it a completely new look. The changes, visible throughout the car, include the refurbished spoilers adorning the tail lights meshing well with the rear that has an upswept design.

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Even the sides of the new Huayra show attempts by designers to give it a stealthy but purposeful look with aggressive side skirts. Moreover, to aid passenger comfort and safety, the new model will host a slew of features. It is speculated to be adorned with the AMG V12 6.0-litre turbocharged engine that was used in the hardtop version of Huayra. The same powerful performer had a displacement capacity of 5980cc with a maximum power of 730PS resulting in a hammering torque of 1100Nm. You can expect to see the roll out of this beauty during March 2017 at the Geneva Auto Show.

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