New Jaguar XJ offers all-surface technology

Jun 27, 2018
New Jaguar XJ offers all-surface technology

The brand new Jaguar XJ is the most recent model to benefit from the progressive All-Surface Progress Control (ASPC) Control technology introduced from Jaguar's stable. This technology is totally different with an exclusive system which makes it easier and safer to drive a rear-wheel drive car on snow, ice or wet roads.

The all aluminium luxury saloon, is a brilliant feat of engineering and echos with brilliance throughout its entire range, which is composed of other Jaguar models such as XJ Luxury, XJ Premium, Luxury, XJ Portfolio, XJ R-Sport, XJR and XJ Autobiography.

The saloon's state-of-the-art technology incorporates other infotainment systems, including the InControl Touch Pro. As per the latest technology, if the GPS system is not receiving the signals and is not able to find the location of the car with the help of the Dual View technology, with the InControl Touch Pro you can determine the position of the car as the navigation system of the car supports it.

Stabler and calmer than ever in recent memory, the V6 diesel power unit of the XJ brags with the recent 3.0-liter motor with boosting power and torque from 275 PS/600 Nm to 306 PS/700 Nm, which enhances responsiveness, as well as gives terrific efficiency.

As we come to know about the Jaguar XJ the latest model of the XJ presents to you the habitual range of all-aluminium inline-four, V6 and V8 petrol engines, which features direct injection, variable valve timing, forced induction and brilliant and precise stop-start systems for higher performance with excellent efficiency. The top range of the engine remains a 5.0- litre V8, which compliments the performance guaranteed by the XJ's dramatic styling.

The new XJ gives you so much benefit from its new technology that can enhance your driving conditions if you face any difficulties and if are unable to park your car in tight spaces or stop-start traffic, they give you the opportunity to make your driving even more enjoyable, relaxing and safe.

The experience of driving a Jaguar XJ is better than anyone might expect, because of a V6 diesel motor which offers more power and torque and less fuel utilization and CO2 discharges, and an electric force helping to control the steering system that improves the handling of the Jaguar.

The new XJ highlights a bigger, more upright grille, while sculpting chrome blades in the detachable grill which further emphasizes the car's presence.

They are further improved with a dynamic front design and static twist light capacities. LED headlights additionally give a shading temperature similar to those found on Bi-Xenon lights, enhancing the visibility of the car.

The white light in a split second is flawlessly and alters to orange when the direction indicator is used.


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