A Road Trip through 18 Countries in Land Rover Discovery 2

Jun 27, 2018
A Road Trip through 18 Countries in Land Rover Discovery 2

If you are going on a Road Trip across the world, what else will you use but a Land Rover! Paul Hanson, a 26 year old physiotherapist from Stafford along with his 24 year old stepbrother, George Coleman, planned to travel through 18 countries. Their goal is to break the world record of 10 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes. They are doing it in a Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5.

A Car that does Wonders!

The Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 is in itself a wonderful car. Moreover, the reason Paul and his step brother, George, purchased it is that it's budget friendly.

At the same time, a Land Rover is easily available in any part of the world and this means that finding a service centre will not be an issue at any point in time. Plus, it not only offers a lot of finance options but also comes with countless conveniences. Hence, this is 'THE CAR' if one is planning a road trip anywhere. In case of Paul and George, it was across continents and hence, it had to be in a Land Rover.


Land Rover Source: https://cdn.pinthiscars.com/

The car is capable of running 98000 miles approximately. The regular TD5 offers choices between a manual and an automatic transmission. While the 5-seater runs 10,000 miles more than the 7-seater, the latter is an automatic. Thus, making a choice becomes difficult.

However, Paul and George might have chosen wisely given that they have set out to accomplish a lot with the car and are going to use it extensively. Their Discovery 2 is equipped with the following basic features to help them through the trip -

  • Air Conditioning
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Electric Window Panes
  • Alarm System
  • Radio and CDs for in-car entertainment


It has a diesel engine of 200-litres and is perfect for an adventure, which is exactly what Paul Hanson and George Coleman have set out for. The car has been modified to some extent for the trip with a bunch of new parts.

Since it is a Land Rover, one can expect it to remain intact and new for quite some time. At the same time, Paul and George shall have to keep up the regular maintenance of the car.



The duo set off for their trip on Friday, January 15th 2016. Their trip updates can be caught on at Yellow Bricks and on the website map wherein the duo will report progress every 15 minutes.

Their 1999 Discovery 2 model has gone through the following ramifications for the trip -

  • It has a bullet proof engine
  • It also has an R380 Gearbox
  • A few extra guards and protectors have been added
  • The GAZ suspension has been raised by 2-inch
  • The turbo has been modified to alive tuning
  • An electric pumping system has been added to the Fuel Tank

The duo has kick start the trip from London, which will end at Cape Town. Also, this is the first time the distance will be covered through West Africa instead of East Africa. This is indeed a historical trip worth watching!

They have already covered a lot of distance and their progress can be tracked here.

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