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Looking to buy a used Jaguar XJ car ? Well, look no more…

The only car powerful people love to be driven in or for that matter loves to drive

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar XJ car

A car to drive and not to be driven in, Jaguar XJ is a class apart. This saloon has an impressive character that is both captivating and powerful. Not only is the car our favorite but Jaguar XJ is one of the official cars of the royal families and UK Prime Minister.

Its performance on road is enough to prove its worth. As compact as 3-series, Jaguar XJ has low seating positions that make it compatible for Indian roads. A four-door saloon, the car is now also available as all wheel drive. It’s no surprise then that this car is a popular choice in the market of cars in India.

Grab your own Pre-Owned Jaguar XJ up for sale

A famous quote by Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Jaguar XJ’s looks and performance speak way louder than words. Its headlight looks like eyes keeping out the watch on its fellow competitors on roads. Jaguar XJ has a tall front end and comes with new front grille design that is upright and framed by new more powerful and efficient LED headlamps. Decked with safety features like driver assistance system, this car is on the list of every car enthusiast.

But as bad as it would sound, buying a Jaguar XJ isn’t easy. Celebrities’ favorite car, XJ is really expensive and you’d need to shell out a very large amount of money to buy a new Jaguar. In this world where people would not mind resorting to a second-hand item if they are able to buy their favorite one, buying a used Jaguar XJ seems to be a viable option. But you just cannot buy it from any store. Used doesn’t mean trash or the one in bad condition that can’t be driven properly. Quality matters and therefore, one must only look out for a well-trusted dealer to buy pre-owned luxury cars. The right place for you can be Big Boy Toyz, a leading player in the pre-owned luxury car market based out of Delhi NCR.

But before you buy a pre-owned Jaguar XJ available for sale, let us provide you with some of its distinctive features:

Beautiful Interiors - XJ’s floating roofline gives it low and wide profile but what makes this model unique is its panoramic roof that gives the model a sporty look. The models come with features like HD screens, Centre armrest, folding business tables and LED reading lights to assure a comfortable ride.

Mesmerizing Design - With upright front grille, LED headlamps and taut waistline, XJ is set to steal your hearts. It’s not only aesthetic by looks but also, practical. Its design allows optimum aerodynamic efficiency, which in turn, reduces air resistance to a minimum and makes car fuel efficient.

Safe Ride - With Driving Assistance Systems, the company assures you a safe ride. The car’s LED headlights produce beam patterns much closer to a daylight. This will help people who have to drive through dense fog to see the oncoming vehicles.

Extras - XJ is fitted with InControl Touch Pro, which, according to the brand, is the most advanced infotainment system. You can also add the feature of InControl Connect Pro that works through SoC (chip) and integrates with your smartphone to keep you updated about traffic flow, fuel prices and parking services and Live Routing while you are on move.

Get your own second hand Jaguar XJ

Shopping is therapeutic and so are cars. The adrenaline rush you get when you take a classy car for a long drive is rejuvenating. This is the reason why we love watching movies that have cars and other vehicles racing with each other. Be it batman’s car or Bond’s Aston Martin, everyone wants to drive these beauties just for once in their lifetime. Unlike fantasies, reality is bit harsh and our finances don’t allow us to own these beauties, especially if they are new.

New Jaguar XJ car might not be on your cards but you can always enjoy the same luxurious experience in a second hand Jaguar XJ. A key player in the market of pre-owned luxury cars, the showroom is already in the good books of big names from the industry. It offers a wide range of exotic cars. We understand that luxury can’t be possessed by everyone, some are born special and so are you. So, we assure you that the second hand Jaguar XJ up for sale at the showroom will be well certified and verified and we’ll also make sure that it is offered at the best price.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our biggest showroom located at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway and get your own pre-owned Jaguar XJ.

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