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  1. Mercedes-Benz To Come Up with Smaller Cars Soon

Mercedes-Benz To Come Up with Smaller Cars Soon

22nd May 2017
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We all know how favorable Indian car market is for the luxury carmakers and this is the reason why German marques never fail to experiment to find tiny niches and to penetrate deeper into the market. The company has confirmed that it will soon introduce its next-gen small car architecture in at least 8 different models where the company's badge, a three-pointed star, will be there in the front. Also, according to the sources, the luxury carmaker is also planning to introduce a new crossover and an A-Class sedan along with some new updates in the current FWD models.


It seems like Mercedes-Benz is not satisfied with its recently launched 5 models with FWD system and this is the reason why the German marque is entering into the small car segment too. For the unversed, currently, the lineups that offer models with FWD system include GLA, CLA saloon, A-Class and B-Class and the company is expected to replace all of them with the updated ones. These updates will come along with the new A-Class saloon and the crossover the company may launch soon.

For the China market, the A-Class saloon will be dominated with the long-wheelbase support.

A-Class sedan

However, we already know that Mercedes-Benz already has an A-Class sedan in its portfolio in the form of CLA but with the speculated updates, the A-Class is expected to take on more traditional appearance to live to its name. On the other hand, the next-gen CLA will take inspiration from the Concept A, which was showcased at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz Truck

If you are afraid of the engines getting trimmed, then rest assured as the company has no plans to play with the engine specs. In fact, the chances are higher of getting more AMG babies in the market, though we might get disappointed if the company didn't launch any new car with the mighty 4-wheel drive option.

Mercedes Car

There are also rumors in the market that Mercedes is working on a completely new range of AMG, catering to the entry-level segment, where each of the models will throw a power of around 250BHP.


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