Aamby Valley City to Witness the 2017 Drag Racing in March

Jun 27, 2018
Aamby Valley City to Witness the 2017 Drag Racing in March

Drag racing is gaining popularity among all age groups in India. No wonder, the annual drag racing competition that is held annually in the Aamby Valley has grown, both in terms of vehicle participation and spectators, over the years. As this glorious event enters its fifth year, we expect outstanding performances from daredevil drivers who will display their nail-biting skills on supercars and bikes to the spectators. This competition spread over three days will commence from 10th March and will come to an end on 12th March 2017. The timings for each day will be from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

This mega event is organized by the Elite Octane Inc who has also organized the earlier drag racing events in Aamby Valley City. Anyone willing to participate in this exciting competition has to officially register at the event’s website from 6th February 2017, i.e., today. One feature that makes this event different from other such racing tournaments is that, instead of a race track, participants have to compete on an Airfield . This Airfield situated near Lonavala, Maharashtra, is currently getting prepared for this event.

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To encourage drag racing in India, Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) has given this mega event its approval and to make sure that the safety regulations are properly followed, officials from the Motor federation will grace this occasion. At this event, we will see action from the top-of-the-line drivers on their mean machines. Experts in drag racing suggest that the upcoming fifth edition of the drag racing championship will be far bigger and granderthan the earlier editions.

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In this championship, you will see high powered bikes and mod cars roaring to life on the concrete. With the average speed of the cars and bikes hitting more than 200 miles per hour, one should be ready to be blown away by the experience. To participate in this quarter mile prestigious racing event, drivers are getting ready both mentally as well as physically to wow the audience with their control over their machine at extreme speed.

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Elite Octane Inc is a reputable event manager and the recent event, called Speed Week, organized in Kolkata in December 2016, showcased its ability to hold events of international standards. And if the past events are any yardstick, then the upcoming drag racing event in the Aamby Valley will be worth remembering. So, come and see the latest racing bikes like Y2K and high-performance cars like the Lamborghinis, BMWs, Nissan GT-R, Porsche, and the Mitsubishi Evolution X. So, if you are an auto enthusiast or a speed junkie, thenmake a date with Aamby 2017 drag championship..

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