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  1. The All New Jaguar F-Pace to Support Team Sky in Tour De France

The All New Jaguar F-Pace to Support Team Sky in Tour De France

21st October 2015
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What's new in the automotive world, well for starters Jaguar is making a comeback in Tour De France. The UK based car brand is planning to make a powerful comeback by wholeheartedly supporting Team Sky in the upcoming campaign by loaning the all new F-Pace prototype that will run during the first stage of this year's event.

With this, the world will be able to get the first glimpse of this new mean machine going hand in hand with Team Sky. Embracing a beautiful black theme, this SUV features blue accents, carbon based fibres, durable rubber and chain elements, similar to the racing bikes. Besides that it resembles the C X17 concept a lot has previewed the F-Pace.

Just like Team Sky made use of the F-Type in last year's race, this new F-Pace will be" the ride" for the team's director and the driver. All the more, they will also be joined by a mechanic and the team's physician while the large boot space will be used for housing sports drinks, clothing accessories for the riders and some spare parts for their team's bikes.

As mentioned by Kevin Stride, the line director of CUV, supporting Team Sky once again in such a prestigious sporting event is definitely delighting for Jaguar. At the same time, they are equally excited to contemplate the all new F-Pace being in action for the very first time publicly. They are pretty sure about that fact that this new F-Pace prototype will be eye candy for the public and will make headlines.

And Mr. Kevin Stride quotes, "The Jaguar F-Pace is a striking balance of performance, style, and practicality. And what better way to showcase the vehicle's attributes than on this crucial first leg of the Tour de France."

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