BMW To Introduce Remote Parking

Jun 27, 2018
BMW To Introduce Remote Parking

BMW 7 Series is often regarded as one of the most comfort and luxury oriented series from the world renown German car makers.This particular series intends to redefine comfort, power and luxury by showcasing features that will enchant you with a phenomenal driving experience altogether. Among the upgrades which have generated a considerable amount of buzz over the Internet, is the introduction of the new remote parking system.

The days of driving a car and looking for parking space might be the story of the past. Times are changing at par with the technological advancements.The day is not far when you will be able to let your car drive off and find it's parking space by itself.

Talking about the remote parking system, it includes a signal control system for the car's principle controls, a new touchscreen dashboard and a voice control framework. Additionally, it presents various new features on board.

Parking spots look set to turn into the fight ground for luxury car makers hoping for money on offer of autonomous driving technology.

BMW and Mercedes Benz both cars have shown the self parking and remote technology features in their latest and brand new models as BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz E-Class that will allow the drivers to stand out of the car and watch the car park itself with remote access.

In many nations automatic driving cars are not yet legal, so the producing companies are working with the authorities so that they can bring that technology on the road.

Before the arrival of the new BMW 7 Series, the German auto manufacturers had to temporarily disable the key features.

Lenore Fletcher, a representative for BMW, recently came back from a specialized show about the all new BMW 7-Series and mentioned that the car's innovation was "quite astonishing".

"We were really happy to witness the remote parking at work, and it's a really good thing to see," she says.

"It's a great piece of technology and it will mean a lot to the customer" she added.

The car company is working with its rivals to help authorities understand the value of this emerging technology.

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