Meet the New PAL-V Liberty – The First Flying Car at Just Rs. 2.68 Crore

Jun 26, 2018
Meet the New PAL-V Liberty – The First Flying Car at Just Rs. 2.68 Crore

Worsening traffic conditions have become the biggest menace of the urban life and while stuck in the jams most of us might have wished for a flying car to get rid of the daily jams. Well, seems like Netherland’s PAL-V International has listen to your wishes. After living for a long time in the concept’s category, flying cars have finally made their way to the real world. Named as Liberty, this world’s first flying car is now up for sale at a price point of US $400,000 (approx. Rs. 2.68 crore) excluding taxes for the base model – SPORT, whereas the higher model can be purchased at US $600,000 (approx. Rs. 4.01 crore) excluding taxes – LIBERTY PIONEER EDITION.

The perfect blend of an aeroplane, a helicopter and a 3-wheeled motorbike, the PAL-V Liberty doesn’t appear like supercars we have witnessed many a times. Though it moves like a car where the wings are folded, it will also remind you of a bike with its lean posture. While taking off, the car stretch opens its wings and the propeller at the back provides the required thrust in the forward direction. During the course, the rotor on the top gains the speed required for takeoff. You may get the feeling of a helicopter by its design, but it do requires a runway for taking off and landing (quite impossible in India, where no space is available for pedestrians, forget about getting a runway!).

2-PAL-V-Libertysource - Pal-v

For takeoff, the PAL-V Liberty needs a clear runway of 330m and the speed in the speedometer should be 50Kmph, whereas for landing, the one-of-its-kind flying car requires only 30m of the road. The weight of the vehicle is around 664kgs and it can carry 2 passengers at a time because for taking off the weight of the carrier should not be more than 910kgs including the weight of the vehicle, fuel (which should be 100 litre) and the passengers. Like the body, the food of this flying car too is unique and premium. It requires 95 octane or higher fuel along with 10% of ethanol (E10) mixed in it.

source - Youtube

The car cum helicopter can fly at the altitude of 3500m and is engineered to deliver a fuel efficiency of 5.4Kmpl, in case it is flown at a steady speed of 140Kmph. However, the maximum speed of the vehicle can be 180Kmph. The engine, when operational in the air, throws a maximum power of 200PS but if you are driving it on the road like a car, the power will reduce to half at 100PS. When on road, the fuel efficiency increases to 13.1Kmpl.

3-PAL-V-Libertysource - Pal-v

To understand the concept behind the Liberty, it is better to take it like a drone that can be operated via remote. This helps the driver to stabilize the vehicle when in troposphere and enables everyone to fly this car. However, you cannot get along with only a driving license as a flying license too would be required to run this vehicle.

To bring this flying car concept into a reality the company has not only abided by the rules and regulation of the road transport authorities but also by the aviation department. The amount for which you could probably buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti, the same can now offer you the two-in-one option in the form of Liberty Sport or Liberty Pioneer Edition – YOUR PERSONAL PLANE CUM SUPERCAR.

4-PAL-V-Libertysource -Pal-v

The Dutch automaker is initially targeting the North American market and is expecting a good result from there. The company has already started taking bookings for its Liberty Pioneer Edition and the tentative month of delivery will be December 2018. The cost of the car also includes the power heating, flight instruction sessions and customization options. The company will only sell 90 models of this edition, after which it will start delivering the Sport model.

5-PAL-V-Libertysource - Pal-v

However, the Indian enthusiasts might have to wait for this beast for a long time as there are no chances in the near future of it being available for the Indian market.

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