Jaguar Land Rover Reports Record Sales in 2015!

Nov 27, 2017
Jaguar Land Rover Reports Record Sales in 2015!

It is definitely no surprise that the Land Rover has had record sales in the year 2015. Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover has been doing great since quite a few years and it made its presence strongly felt in the market last year by smashing sales records across the globe. The Jaguar Land Rover sold nearly 5,000,00 models, which were 5% higher than the previous year's figure.

That effective sales figure!

While there was an anticipated economic meltdown and it was difficult to survive, these guys don't seem to be affected at all. In fact, Rover helped Britain to become a better place for luxury cars than Beijing that had been ruling the market since a few years.

However, this isn't all. On combining the sales of Jaguar and Land Rover in UK in a single calendar year, the number is somewhere around 1,000,00 that constitutes 30% hike in comparison to the last year's numbers. To be able to achieve something like this is remarkable!

Launch of Jaguar XE

Jaguar_xe Source:

In lieu of inflation and the difficulties that the economy was going through last year, the company launched Jaguar XE that the upper middle class could easily afford. Since the capitalist economy is largely driven by the upper middle class, this was indeed a classic move that worked out very well for the firm. In fact, Jaguar XE is going to be launched in the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo if rumors are to be believed. Looks like we'll soon see the vehicle in India!

Effect of Slowdown in China

While the sales in China are usually high as it is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing economies of the world, the case was not so last year. The sales were down by a good 24% and the number of models sold didn't even amount to 1,00,000. This can be attributed to the ongoing economic slowdown in China.

Unit WE Stand!

Unit-WE-Stand Source:

Jaguars and Land Rovers together have performed the BEST in UK last year. On a 2 year scale, growth is up by 28% and as compared to the last year itself, growth is up by 21%. As of now, the numbers aren't close to 2,00,000 models per year but seeing the graph of their growth, this figure has bright chances of coming into reality by 2017.

Apart from Jaguar XE, which has already been launched in some parts of the world and is creating havoc on the roads, the consumers will also get to see a Jaguar XJ Sedan any time soon.

And the Credit Goes to...

And-the-Credit-Goes-to1 Source:

As compared to 2009, the company's sales have literally doubled and this is commendable progress in a really short time. The Company is crediting this success largely to 2 new models i.e. Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport. The consumer response to the new models has been outstanding and has in-turn led to the defiant success of Land Rover.

Needless to say, they are doing a great job and should soon find themselves at the peak of success.

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