Mercedes Putting AMG Sports line Out to Pasture

Jan 01, 1970
Mercedes Putting AMG Sports line Out to Pasture

There is Mercedes, at one end, providing luxury and impeccable German engineering in a sane package and there is AMG, at the other end, for those who want to combine what Mercedes already provide with a bit of maniacal power and diabolic acceleration. The wizards at Affalterbach do not believe in doing things by the half, and believe that however complex it may, an engine should be hand crafted by only one technician. For the last 40 years, every single AMG engine is built on this philosophy:

"One Man, One Engine"

and is assembled by a single AMG master engine builder with clockwork precision.

AMG Sport Line Up

But there are people who do not want to go the whole nine yards – they want better performance than standard Mercedes offerings, with some extra flair and visual treats, but don't want a full blown AMG in their garage. This paved way for the AMG Sport line up that was not a full blown AMG model, but a regular Mercedes outfitted with some bits-and-pieces from the AMG bin (including the signature red stitching and carbon fiber parts), with a chassis and an engine reworked by the AMG engineers to offer additional power and torque over the normal Mercedes models.

These models often sported the same 6-cylinder engines they came with originally (albeit reworked by AMG technicians), and not the signature 8-cylinder AMG engines, which lead to some confusion since these didn't align with the AMG philosophy.

But Mercedes pulled a trick from its hat when it recently launched the AMG version of the SLC-Class roadster and named it as Mercedes-AMG C43. This car shares the 3-liter 6-cylinder engine with C450 AMG Sport and GLE 450 AMG Sport. It seems like this car is going to be the first-in-line of the AMG Sports models that are getting merged with the hard core AMG models.

The Rise of Mercedes-AMG

The Rise of Mercedes-AMG Source:

Mercedes is planning to DISCONTINUE the AMG Sports line up and will merge all the current models, labeled as AMG Sports, with the AMG lineup itself. These models will be called Mercedes-AMG, but still, these models will not be sporting the characteristic 8-cylinder fully blown up mental engines hand build by a single technician. In a departure from the true AMG tradition, these models will spot 6-cylinder engines that will be made like any other normal Mercedes engines and will have a new number to boast – 43.

Though these numbers do not have any real relationship with the engine displacement, they do sit nicely between the normal luxury oriented Mercedes models and the top-of-the-line AMG models that will continue to spot 63 and will continue to have engines built by a single technician, complete with a nameplate on the engine and a signature of the master engine builder.

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