Buicks Launches the Avista Concept

Jun 27, 2018
Buicks Launches the Avista Concept

Buick has launched the Avista concept ahead of the Detroit Auto Motor Show 2016. It's been awhile since Buick has launched a new concept car as good looking as the Avista. According to the grapevine, Buick is all set to launch the Avista concept car at the Detroit Auto Motor Show 2016.

So what is this concept about? This one is a super sleek and awe inspiring sports coupe.

As per Buick, the Avista concept is "a sleek, sculptural concept coupe that aims to get the most out of every open stretch and hairpin turn".

Avista concept has a fluid design and the curves to die for. The car has sitting space for 4 people but its looks are settled for two people instead of four. The interiors appear to be futuristic and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The outer body has an athletic build with an aerodynamic design that is perfect to fire the engine and test it on a tarmac! This concept has an uncanny resemblance to the Tesla model S albeit with 2 doors, that's how one may see it, anyways. The beast with its scintillating and awe-inspiring looks gives the appearance of a Cheetah ready for a sprint.

The Buick Avista is not only a beautiful concept but packs a punch on all fronts. In terms of beautifying agents it has 20-inch alloy wheels with colored accents, car doors with touch pad handles and front vents with chrome detailing. When it comes to power, the Avista concept is loaded with 8-speed automatic transmission, 3-litre turbo engine, a punchy rear wheel drive and the sleek looking double boost exhaust.

This concept car is all set to redux the Buick lineup with a whole new level of sophistication and raw horse power. This engine is rumored to be a pump thumping 400bhp of maximum power, giving the sports coupe an edge over all the other recent Buick launches. This concept car is based on General Motor's Alpha platform that has been used in some cars of Cadillac and Chevrolet brands as well.

The fluid design, the rocking purple color, two door entry and futuristic looking interiors make the Avista concept a car to look out for at the Detroit Auto Motor Show. And one thing is there for sure, Buick has reinvented itself with the Avista concept car. With this modern car concept, the perception of Buick being a car company for the old is certainly going to change when people lay their eyes on the Avista.

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