2017 To Welcome New Lexus Hybrid Cars in India

Jan 01, 1970
2017 To Welcome New Lexus Hybrid Cars in India

We’ve got a great piece of news for all the car fanatics out there! The Indian car market, being one of the biggest automotive markets around the world, witnessed various technologically-advanced new cars in 2016. Now it’s turn for the expected upcoming Lexus hybrid cars in 2017. Lexus has always entertained its audience with innovation and creativity in the manufacturing and design of every Lexus vehicle. Just so you don’t have to go looking around, we’ve put together a detailed description of the Lexus cars expected to be landing on Indian shores next year.

1. Lexus ES300H

Lexus-ES300Hsource - Google

Lexus ES300H is a luxury sedan that has got great fuel economy. It can cruise down the road getting 40mpg. The optional safety features of 2016 are included as standard equipment for 2017. Many people think that the 2017 ES300H will be sharing its underpinnings with the Toyota Camry Hybrid, but, since the two cars are from two different companies, the specifications of each car will be different and so will be the cars.

ES300H will be powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine producing 213Nm of torque and 160PS of power. The infotainment unit will be featured in a 4.2-inch display. Noise reducing material is used in engine, windows and doors, which will allow the passengers to enjoy good quality of music without any disturbance.

Claimed Mileage :17km/L
Expected Price :Rs. 70 Lakh
Expected Launch :February 2017

2. Lexus RX 450H

Lexus-RX-450Hsource - Google

The second hybrid offering from Lexus is an improved version of 2016 RX 400H. This SUV‘s powerful and refreshed appearance and elegance permits it to enter the market successfully. The performance of this offering is expected to be awe-inspiring as it will be powered by two electric motors and a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine producing 312PS of power. The 0-60mph sprint can be finished by this car in only 7.8 seconds, top speed being 112mph.

The elegance of the car is improved by the fog lights being housed in the front area which has a big bumper. This SUV is 187.8 inches long and 74.2 inches wide and offers 107.9 inches of wheelbase, height being 67.7 inches with roof rails and 66.7 inches without roof rail alongside the ground clearance of 7.3 inches. The infotainment unit will be featured in a 7-inch touchscreen that incorporates a 12-speaker Lexus premium audio system having all the options for Bluetooth, USB ports and Wi-Fi.

Claimed Mileage :19.2 km/L
Expected Price :Rs. 60 Lakh
Expected Launch :February 2017

We can’t Keep Calm because we’re desperately waiting for it. Are you?

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