World's first Diesel powered Bentley is Here

Jan 01, 1970
World's first Diesel powered Bentley is Here

Yes, you read it right! Bentley has finally decided to launch its first vehicle powered by a diesel engine. Bentley is introducing the diesel engine in its flagship and first production SUV the Bentayga. The petrol version of Bentayga hit the roads early this year and was touted to be the most expensive and fast SUV on the roads.

The diesel powered Bentayga packs a punch and is powered with a triple charged 4.0-liter V8 engine that fires a massive 429 BHP of power and a torque of 900 Nm! This Bentley can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. It's awfully fast for a car with 21-inch tires and a curb weight of around 2400 kilograms. The top speed of this mean machine is 168 miles per hour.

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With this much power and a diesel engine, many environment-friendly customers might think that it's going to guzzle a lot of fuels and emit a lot of fumes. Not true says Bentley. According to Bentley the diesel powered Bentayga can run a full 620 miles on a single tank and emits a lot less carbon of comparable specs cars. In fact in all the Bentley’s that has an average of a range of 620 miles on one tank, the diesel Bentayga emits the least amount of CO2. That’s some power to the eco-friendly people.

Besides the new diesel engine, there are few minor differences between the petrol and diesel powered Bentayga. The new ones come with a new black grill, v8 diesel badges and new design for the exhaust. Since the Bentayga petrol had launched only some months ago it is obvious that there won’t be too many design changes on the car.

News just came out that Bentley along with Lamborghini (both part of the VW universe) will not be taking part in Paris motor show this year (our loss we think). That means that we are not going to see the new Bentayga at the Paris auto motor show.

From the inside, Volvo V90 Cross Country comes with a well-decked cabin with a touch of simplicity that is the part of the standard V90 too. Other essential features include a 9-inch tablet-like central touch-sensitive display, a 12.3-inch LCD driver display and above all the stellar Bowers&Wilkins music system to make your trips entertaining and full of fun.

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As far as the heart of the performance-oriented V90 is concerned, the company has chosen to maintain the mystery around by not revealing the configuration, but hats off to the petrol heads, who have figured out that the car might come with Volvo’s T6 AWD inline 4-cylinder (turbocharged and supercharged) motor. The engine will be able to churn out a peak power of 316PS @5700rpm and a maximum torque of 295ft/lb @2200rpm.

The recently unveiled Volvo V90 Cross Country is the perfect vehicle for climbing steep hills ever coupled with fun and adventure. The SUV is likely to hit the markets of India next year, that is, in 2017.

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