2017 Lexus LC 500 Launched Under ‘Non-Sports Category

Jun 27, 2018
2017 Lexus LC 500 Launched Under ‘Non-Sports Category

Akio Toyoda, the President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, unveiled the 'wildly styled' (as he candidly called it) LC500 at the Detroit Auto Show 2016 and since then the spectators have been going 'GAGA' over this Lexus beauty. Manufactured on the format of the LF-LC Concept of 2012, the red candy paint LC500 literally stole the show.

'Sports Car' OR 'Touring Car'?

Sports Car Source: lexusenthusiast.com

Our theory

Lexus has tagged its newbie under 'non-sports-car' category, which makes us curious. WHY? Because the moment you sit behind the wheels and test-drive it, your adrenaline rush knows that it's flying like a true sports-car-like beast. HOW? Well, the qualities like the plenty of power-punch, under the hood, optional sport seat, 10-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and not to forget the finest and sturdiest materials like carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum, used in construction and engineering of the new Lexus, definitely corroborate our 'sports-car' theory.

Company's Claim

According to the company, this new model has been manufactured as a 'performance-oriented' car offering comfort ride to its passengers. The manufacturers have suggested that while designing LC500, they considered to enhance its 'grand touring' quality more than making it an out-and-out off-roader and field-basher. It further claims that 'LC500 is the most rigid machine it has ever built and this definitely enthralled everyone in this year's Detroit Auto Show, even the press (sure have impressed everyone).


Riding high and loud on 467-hp with an overpowering 5.0-liter V-8 engine and 389 pounds-feet of torque; LC500 won't leave any chance to impress you. According to the makers, LC500 goes from 0-to-60-mph time of "less than 4.5 seconds", which again gives it a sporty edge. The moment it goes beyond 3,500rpm mark and works with the active exhaust system, its grunting sound becomes a 'melody' to the driver's' ears, SCREAMING out your arrival to the world.

Performance-oriented Source: lexusenthusiast.com

Designed to impress

It doesn't end here; with its intense exterior built, LC500 makes sure to impress the onlookers as well. Apart from offering dynamic driving experience, go near and feel its hefty 'zigzag' spindle grille that blazes a new '3D mesh' design, giving the car's nose a protruding look to move forward aggressively.

Available in 20 inches or 21 inches of wheels, both made of forged aluminum, LC500 is a work of art and sophistication. Because of the vibrant color and shape, you will notice an interesting optical illusion in the wheels, giving them a "floating" look around the center hub when viewed at certain angles. Addition of flashing LED lights on its forked shape taillight gives a mysterious character to its overall look.

Uncompromised Interiors

The cabin is completely decked up with the finest materials including magnesium alloy paddle shifters and lithe leather on the seats along with an option to choose CARBON ROOF (glass panel comes as standard).

Safety – NEVER take it for granted

Considering safety as the most INEVITABLE element in any car, Lexus has taken care of all the important features to make this car a safe bet. LC500 promises a full-suite of hi-tech safety features like dynamic radar cruise, pre-collision facilities, lane-keep assist and so on.

Safety – NEVER take it for granted Source: lexusenthusiast.com

Technologically Advanced

LC500 is a perfect example of technologically advanced model offering a brand-new multimedia package with an updated graphic interface. It is fully loaded with a standard new Pioneer audio system, especially designed for the LC500 and optional Mark Levinson system (manufacturer of high-end electronics) that provides SUPER acoustic environment required to meet the high standards of this supercar.

Book it NOW!

Swaying away in style, the voluptuous LC500 – a super luxury 4-seat sport coupe – is in a serious competition with the players like BMW 6 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi S7. How much do you have to PAY to bring this lovely model home? Well, for that you need to wait a bit longer since the company hasn't revealed its price in the press release yet. However, based on Lexus's current model hierarchy and LC500's competitive set, experts are guessing that it might hit the market with a price tag of $100K (or more). Whatever the company decides, if you are drooling over to buy this car, then be ready to make a hole in your pocket. Till then, let's savor the 'RED-HOT' prettiness through eyes!

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