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  1. When the bold decided to get beautiful

When the bold decided to get beautiful

11th September 2017
When the bold decided to get beautiful

“A moment spent with the iconic four wheeled leaping cat is sure to fill you with gratification and glee…..”

Many thoughts and speculations come to your inquisitive mind on first impressions for what awaits you?

British Car Maker Jaguar

And when you’ve framed a frenzied picture of the inspiring and thrilling events that unfold, we would also like to add to the joy and happiness that form the very basis of this memorable experience.

Car Maker Jaguar

Flamboyance, luxury, sportiness and dynamism are some of the superlatives that very well describe the British Car Maker Jaguar and what really takes it a level further is the alluring and tempting XKR S, a two door coupe that is ready to pounce on the tarmac, unleashing its monstrous power figures in the most tempting manner coupled with a big grin on your face.


The front-runner coupe from Castle Bromwich, United Kingdom has a charm of its own and beckons you to admire the retro modern design theme that has still not aged compared to the new- fangled design themes of the modern supercars.

(The XKR S takes the crown for being one of the most handsome coupes around)

Car Jaguar

It is surely an Attention Seeker!

the royal British Car

In the heart of hearts, the XKR S makes a special place for itself which is simply irreplaceable and catapults your love and affection for the royal British Car Maker.

Driving this beast

Driving this beast is sheer unprecedented indulgence. It’s athletic on road mannerisms are a delight to experience and the way this cat maneuvers itself with utmost ease, is truly commendable.

old age British Brand

Live life Jaguar style ensures a love affair for a lifetime.

The old age British Brand feels closer to home since it is now owned by Tata, one of the largest Indian automotive giants!

Jaguar XKRS Technical Specifications
Engine: 5.0L, V8, Supercharged, Longitudinal
Power: 542 Bhp
Torque: 680Nm
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
0-100(Timing): 4.4 seconds
Top Speed: 300 kph
Transmission: 6 speed ZF Automatic Transmission

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