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  1. Volvo V40 R Design: Indeed Different!!

Volvo V40 R Design: Indeed Different!!

18th January 2018
Volvo V40 R Design: Indeed Different!!

Making our way out from the Eatery social ‘Skanstull’ in Stockholm, Sweden, after some indulgent relishing sips of black coffee, fika to be more precise as the customary practice goes, a heady automotive example from the city situated on the west coast of the country, Gothenburg ,was parked across the street radiating those typical come on mannerisms.

The Volvo V40 R Designsource - lifeonshow

“The shape looks familiar and so is its persona and character!
Oh, the enthralling R Design!
Indeed, full of flavor!
It is the facelifted one which was launched in India back in 2016
Well I have to give it to the folks at Volvo for churning out the most superlative premium hatchbacks of all time, the V40”, opines our colleague who has a staunch liking for niche four wheel models from across the globe.

Keen eye really!
Caught it in a fraction of a second!

The Volvo V40 Rsource - bauersecure

“It looks out of the box. Something really different! Had seen it only in pictures before and seeing this tempting specimen of extravagance in real has raised my belief of Volvo’ think tank working wholeheartedly in retaining the fashionable design conceptualizations in their armor.

The Thor’s LED headlightssource - bauersecure

The Thor’s LED headlights look spectacular and stunning….seriously fall short of words to illustrate as to how their majestic appearance does wonders to this already sensuous looking V finished in a grand passion red solid shade.

the showstopper 17 inch Ixion wheels Volvo V40 Rsource - flickr

Further, I am in the race towards being a big fan of that tempting R Design grill, the delicious décor mouldings on the side windows, seductive rear diffuser and the showstopper 17 inch Ixion wheels…
You don’t desire for anything more!” exclaimed the astute content writer in our team who was literally head over heels in love with the V 40’s design.

He can draft a never ending essay on his very first encounter with the hatch!

Volvo V40 R interiorssource - flickr

Can we get a hearty look of the interiors…..can we……can we?
Little bit though!
What must have the Swedes done on the inside? (The mind has already begun to ponder)
Definitely, an unconventional setup compared to the run of the mill cabins (come on we are not sounding derogatory, it is just that the Volvo with its stupefying offerings has come out with something unusual as always)
“So Mr Perfectionist, what’s your take on the cabin?” the predicted question being asked by the creative head to the adept writer seeing his aptitude on flawlessly describing the exterior cues.

The Badge Volvo V40 Rsource - flickr

“I have to say without a doubt, the R Design bits will be in command even on the inside to tantalize you in every possible way.
To begin with!
The Badge(R…) holds its crown high on the steering wheel and the varied finger posed pictures with the regalia will make their presence on one’s social media posts, it is that enticing to look at.

the gear lever Volvo V40 Rsource - flickr

Even the gear lever, leather handbrake and the sporty pedals have been generously accorded the same treatment.

The cozy seats Volvo V40 Rsource - flickr

The Charcoal interior with its upmarket feel speaks volumes about the ergonomics of the already very nimble fingered cabin…
The cozy seats have a major role to play in your share of contentment…
Not to forget the large panoramic glass roof that generates an airy feel and the cosseting dual zone climate control…

8 inch Driver’s module TFTsource - flickr

The 8 inch Driver’s module TFT and the 7’ screen with their uncanny and miraculous mechanism will readily top the list for the unbelievable”, the author has his answers already ready in a steadfast formation.

Volvo V40 R Design BBTsource - bauersecure

Performance, performance and…performance!
How is the V40 on that front?

Volvo V40 R Design Big Boy Toyzsource - bauersecure

“It isn’t must be boring to have fun with around corners!” a co-worker’s vouch coming out pretty soon.
He is looking intendedly towards the gentleman who is heading the creative team for a quick elaboration on the technical specification front.
Has he driven a Volvo previously?
Of course, that being the Cross Country one!

source - you tube

“I have to say with conviction that the 2 litre diesel motor packing 150HP is akin to an empyrean experience!

the V40 is a fun machinesource - flickr

It has got everything what it takes for a lion hearted vaunt of swiftness while at the same time pampering you with its fine spun round around the town.
The 6 speed gearbox will not leave you displeased as it works in perfect synchrony with the engine revs. The paddles shifters flawlessly play the “just the ticket” part.
Well sorted dynamics and an able handler, the V40 is a fun machine to be enjoyed on the eventful expedition outings.

Volvo V40 R Design Big Boy Toyzsource - bauercdn

The Dynamic stability traction control system aids in the firm level of gripping together with avoiding the unforeseen circumstances of the vehicle losing its prescribed path.

The Volvo crossover’s case doesn’t put one in the nitpicking zone…..and that is my 200% reaffirmation…” the creative head’s long description coming forth on the driving front.

Loaded to the grills!
No denying that!
The Swedish Automaker has a famed reputation worldwide to manufacture some of the safest cars and even the V40 scores hefty points by coming under that umbrella.

The City Safety mode 2 Volvo V40 R source - eurocarnews

“The City Safety mode 2 has been incorporated in the V40! The mishaps and accidents can now be avoided at a speed up to 50km/h. The sharp as a tack LIDAR sensors scan the area in front of the vehicle precisely up to 6 m to gauge for any vehicle (whether stationary or moving at a slow pace in the same direction). If the driver fails to react in time and a collision is deemed, the City Safety feature swings into action by automatically activating the brakes and cutting off the throttle response.” The writer adding his two extra bits…
Quite impressive!
He is delineating the brochure terminology!

the guardian Pedestrian Protection Systemsource - i.ytimg

“Next up is the guardian Pedestrian Protection System which aids in drastically reducing a person’s collision with the car up front.
It has been awarded the 2013 Global NCAP Innovation Award if I am not wrong” the creative head exclaims with confidence.

source - you tube

The ingenious writer has something more to add and says “the smart Park Assist feature along with the rear parking camera is like a steadfast companion to get the V40 to tackle some of the tight spaces with ease!”
All in all an undoubted pick of the lot!

The V40 R Designsource - bauersecure

The V40 R Design will surely leave its sparkling trail behind with its unmatched singularity and individuality to make you wonder again if your consideration list includes the right vehicles or needs another revisit…..


V40 R Design, Volvo V40 R Design

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