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  1. Ghost Rocked and NOW it’s “Ghost Extended” Ruling The ROOST

Ghost Rocked and NOW it’s “Ghost Extended” Ruling The ROOST

19th February 2016
Ghost Rocked and NOW it’s “Ghost Extended” Ruling The ROOST

Welcome to the Rolls Royce league of Luxury and Style. This is the league where only Rolls Royce products compete with Rolls Royce products and each new entrant compliments the previous blockbuster success to take it to a new level. With the Rolls Royce Ghost series, Rolls Royce Motor Cars repeated the same history all over again.

Inspiration from 1920 Elements to Meet Demands of 2020

1907 is a special milestone year in the history of Rolls Royce Motor Cars; it was the year when their ahead of the time car "Silver Ghost" was given the title of the Best Car of the World by Autocar.

It was a new beginning in the journey of Rolls Royce. The Ghost and the Ghost Extended are two tributes to that golden era of this premium brand and both these variants have heralded a new era of Timeless Elegance all over again.

Denominations of Current Generation Recaptured the OLD Tradition

Denominations of Current Generation Recaptured the OLD Tradition Source:

Imagine a staff of 60 individuals taking care of your car's aesthetic needs and designing a car where they are preparing the final print in accordance with your family emblem. This is what you can expect while you are looking for a Rolls-Royce Ghost extended. The brand has assigned a bespoke team to take care of all your design needs. It is not a run-of-the-mill job like it is done in other factories.

Whatever the car is being designed as, the maker is doing it for you according to your requirements. If owning a Rolls Royce is a concurring dream for you then this bespoke team is here to make it a reality and that too, with the finest of the details.

Mirror-like Finish for ALL those Photo-finish Victories

Coming out of a Rolls Royce is a Photo-finish victory because nobody can resist this car. When we talk about the sheer power of this simplistic technical wonder then we find that a twin turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine waiting to be maneuvered by four wheel designs.

You can touch the gigantic speedy heights of 250Kmph while riding on this magic carpet supported by an intelligent suspension system to keep you rock-steady on the cushions of comforts.

Mirror finish of Rolls Royce is a trademark that Rolls Royce Dawn too has gone through. Seven coats of primary finishes, and then the bespoke team picks the color of your choice before the final delivery. And not to forget the long wheelbase that gives you ample space so much that all other cars might start feeling way too small. But then again, they are not a Rolls Royce at the end of the day.

It is not a Journey; It is an Experience

It is not a Journey; It is an Experience Source:

Be ready to drive into the world of ultimate comfort – Choose the massage seat and the massage type while you are riding. Focus on the fruits of comfort and recharge yourself between two hectic points of business schedule with Rolls Royce Ghost Extended. This silent surge of power and intelligent navigation system comforts you and guards you during those long drives.

ADD this Igniting Spark of Adventure in your Lifestyle

Vehicles become a partner of life and times, and the Ghost series has already become a harbinger of adventure with comfort in the life of many enthusiastic people. In the year 1912, parent model "Silver Ghost" traveled 1820 miles in mountain terrines flawlessly.

To mark the centenary of this great feat in the year 2013, Rolls Royce launched "Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection." This edition is special; it is a business class Luxury Saloon that will ignite the spark of adventure in you.

Roll-Royce Ghost is not a car; it is a concept of life. It is aristocracy, simplicity and adventure going hand in hand. It is an "art in science" machine with science of soothing art creating the comfy and cozy ambiance of a personal luxury cabin that is taking you to the world.


Ruling The ROOST

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