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  1. Two Icons: Rohit Sharma and his BMW M5

Two Icons: Rohit Sharma and his BMW M5

10th April 2017
Two Icons: Rohit Sharma and his BMW M5

Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricketer and opening batsman is best known for his wise and calm approach under pressure on field. His humble origins never came in the way of his pursuit of a cricketing career in which he excels, and presently he is the captain of Mumbai Indians.

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Rohit Sharma’s batting skills and quest for runs has made him a much sought after cricket star with a huge fan following. His priced car possession, the BMW M5 is proof of his dedicated and successful cricketing profession.

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The mere sight of the famed kidney grille gives rise to something special for every automobile enthusiast be it the racy feeling within or the desire and aspiration to chart out one of the most memorable driving experience.

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This portrays a person’s stint with a BMW, which is revered worldwide for the best driver’s car tagline.

Keeping this in mind, one would surely love to explore the driving pleasure in true Bavarian style and it is this irresistible set of four wheels that compels you to be one with the car.

source -  bmwblog

It is undoubtedly the letter M on any BMW that sends the hearts fluttering!  

Rohit Sharma’s dream and ambition of making it big and owning one finally saw light when he got his hands on the mighty BMW M5, which was truly a special and captivating moment for the cricketer.

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The M5 comes across as one of the energetic and enthusiastic performers that can readily satiate an enthusiast’s need for speed on a race track together with being driven sedately and calmly, hiding all of that immense horsepower cleverly under its hood.

From the outside

source - bmwblog

World has been a witness to many generations of the sporty M5 right from 1985 (classic collector’s item), to the radical E60 version which was largely the protagonist weaver of its time.

Some memorable design languages do find a special place in one’s heart especially for a car of this cadre, which has thoroughly been a favorite for the ardent brand lovers.

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But because technology and new-fangled ideas cannot be kept at bay for a long period of time and are a prelude for more breathtaking and innovative inventions, the same applied to the M5.

The car in its latest generation codenamed the F10 has undergone tremendous architectural and design changes that lend it a new meaning and identity.

The overall appearance resembles the regular 5 series sedan, but subtle sporty touches accentuate its X factor feeling to an altogether new level.

source -  caricos

The front appearance is intimidating & menacing and calls for action.

The attractive kidney grille slats get a healthy dosage of black shade treatment. The eye catchy three partitioned front air inputs with a honeycomb design lend the M5 an aggressive stance and convey that this car is meant for some serious business on the road.

The LED corona rings are never a miss hit on any BMW and the same goes for the M5 adding to the appeal of the car.

source - caricos

The side view is ever alluring with the magnificent 5 double spoke 20 inch wheels incorporating the blue brake calipers along with the chrome vents that calls the shots for a high statured performer.

The characteristic feature of BMWs in the form of the broad shoulder line gives the M5 a resolute and intense character.

source - caricos

The charming rear end with the M Badging, quad exhausts when revved up and boot spoiler, instantly garner attention from the crowd.

Practical Setup on the Inside

source - team-bhp

The M5’s inviting and roomy cabin gives your sensations a thrilling feeling. One is indeed made to feel special on the inside through clever use of high quality materials on the dashboard and seats.

Ergonomics do merit a special mention as every small detail right from holding the steering to the comfort and bolstering of the seats has been well catered for.

source -  team-bhp

The buttons and switches on the central console near the M inscribed gear lever are an earnest conforming and give a non –cluttered appearance.

The M badging also finds its place on the lower part of the steering wheel and also on the new age instrument cluster which really awakens a racer instinct within.

source - team-bhp

The speedometer is altered to display speed markings of up to 330km/hr which is enough to portray the sheer capability of this machine.

The M5 gets a larger 10.2 inch screen as a testimonial vouch of overdoing and impresses to the fullest with its crystal clear graphics and user friendly nature.

The amount of information it displays is commendable and worth appreciating and one doesn’t need repetitive orientations with the screen’s functioning and toggling mechanism.

source - bmw

The icing on the cake is the intuitive heads up display that makes you feel like a fighter pilot on a mission.

It smartly moves up to the list of flamboyant pre-requisites considering the au courant graphical styling as a grooving specimen.

A monstrous heart within

source -  eurocarnews

One does get enticed and fantasized by the stonking power delivery of the sinister 4.4litre twin turbo V8 petrol motor that puts out an insane 560bhp and 680Nm of torque. The M5 qualifies perfectly to be a silent cruiser in neck to neck city traffic and when given a full- fledged opportunity, unleashes its raw power and the growling exhaust note in the most emphatic manner.

source -  m5post

The car turns into a beast incarnate and defies all laws of physics when the individual configuration of the steering, engine, DSC, suspension and gear shifting is done to go by the books of a...... "like a wildfire" .....!

M1 & M2 buttons on the steering wheel!

They will surely enable you to do a host of permutations and combinations.

The 0-100kmph dash takes a mere 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 250km/hr that can be increased up to 305km/hr when one opts for the M driver’s package from the options list, that removes the speed limiter and keeps the thrilling driving pleasure undeterred.

The seven speed dual clutch gearbox on the M5 is effortless and silky smooth with its precise and apt gear shifting.

The M5 rides extremely well in city traffic at low speeds and despite 20 inch wheels, does exceedingly well to counter the potholes and undulations on the tarmac.

When the comfort mode is engaged, the ride quality is plush and sublime offering the top line "well being" feeling  to the passengers.

But the real character of the M5 comes out in the open on one’s favorite race track.

source - bmwblog

Enthusiastic corner cutting and zig zagging become practical with M5’s splendid steering feedback (hydraulic setup) and a superb weight distribution.

Braking is spot on and the M5 comes to a complete standstill by a mere touch on the pedal. High speed stability is one to reckon with as the car stays glued to the road without showing any bouncy tendency. The Active Differential take charge of the rear wheels and provides optimum traction to eliminate wheel spinning.

source - pinthiscars

At the end of the day, a true sports car in every sense that showcases a high degree of practical usage too for daily commutes.

Such a fantastic vehicle definitely comes out on top as a promising package for its discerning buyers.

Now you must be idealizing the alike tantamount trip  as the cricketer's to get a thumping dose of the German gargoyle. Right?

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