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  1. The mesmerizing Trident Trivia

The mesmerizing Trident Trivia

13th March 2018
The mesmerizing Trident Trivia

“Energetic throttles for racy intentions,
The racer in you never gets old……and
Let the flat outs do the talking”!!!
Wow! What a start!

Speaking & talking about the automotive stuff, we guess that you are exhibiting the fine traits of a full- fledged petrol head who is at the helm of mastery and expertise when it comes to a “grandstand play” of the ‘get hands on’ the tit -bits of the four wheeler stuff.

Taking this a little further is a thought provoking Trivia…trivia for the two gems from the land of Modena, Italy that will appear a tad different from the “million dollar questions and point of views atypical”, rather this one is to keep you entangled and put on a thinking cap (for some questions, yes!) for a good number of hours to reaffirm that you are an ace big league being who is adept at cracking “on the spot” challenges.
So let’s kickoff:-

1. Are these two your first love?


So how will answer this….wait, wait! Ah, you simply have to ooze that affections and “hankering on” for Maserati in glowing terms.

plaudits for the Roman

It wouldn’t be a herculean task if already the “plaudits for the Roman” are happening eagerly with a shade of the dickens…

2. When was the last time you spotted these together?

Italian souls

Or rather when were you “striking it rich” to have entered the den of supercars to catch a glimpse of these two Italian souls….parked in close quarters!

 the Maserati

Thanking your stars truly!
Illustrate your full one day’s experience.

3. When did these two enter the BBT’s inventory of supercars?

 the Maserati

Hmm! This can involve some head scratching.
So that reveals if the Maserati’s collection page is being visited frequently or not.

Big Boy Toyz

Don’t worry! We are not asking the exact dates but a fair idea of when exactly they punched the clock at Big Boy Toyz.

4. Which one is quicker of the line?

source - youtube

Now you don’t have to be a revered PHD in the automotive technical specification field to answer this one.

source - youtube

A brief run through some of the Gran Turismo’s review of the past and present will enable you to make clear the difference between the two.

5. What is the difference between their pricing?

Again a subtle repetition of the third question! If you have been visiting the page regularly, then probably the pricing must be at your fingertips.

6. Is this becoming your bedroom poster for the coming days?

bedroom poster source - 7-themes

The sole justification as to why this photo deserves that zenith placement amongst your flurry of car posters and hangings.

7. Which one of the two was displayed at Ambience Mall?

Out of the blues!

Ambience Mallsource - scontent.fdel1

Come on…come on try to remember the car which was parked opposite the BMW z4 on the second day of the Luxury Wheels Show 2018.
Do let us know the total number of cars also on display too!!!

8. Are you calling 9999999983 for a first time attractive deal on a Maserati?

Do you have any other option?

The phone call might have a host of eye openers and epiphanies in your quest to procure the legendary Trident in your garage.

9. Play the colors game- black or blue?

black or blue

We understand that it’s a bit difficult to choose between the two because individually both radiate their fine ethereal charm.

black or blue

And they’ll be finely ingrained in your sub-conscious mind as for a relishing feat to drool upon.

source - youtube
source - youtube
source - youtube

So we hope you didn’t take it as a third degree round of questioning because we were in the process to fine tune one’s understand and liking for the classy Trident from Italy.


Trident Trivia

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